What Does a Clutch Do?

Market experts forecast the global clutch market to become a $16.2 billion industry by 2026. Automotive clutches, in turn, will be the biggest driving factor behind this growth. With that said, you may be wondering what a clutch is, especially if you’ve been driving an automatic car. What does a clutch do, anyway, and why does it even matter? This … Read more

Unlocking the Maximum Potential: 10 Amazing Mods for Your Tesla Vehicle

Tesla cars have already developed a well-deserved reputation for excellence. With the right mods, drivers can take things one step further to make their vehicles even more high-tech and luxurious. Check out the ten most amazing mods for Tesla vehicles below to learn more. Wireless Chargers Recent developments in induction coil technology now allow some … Read more

Before Making Your First Purchase: What to Check in a Used Car

Dodge Coronet

Year in and year out, thousands of first-time car buyers head out to purchase their very first car. Just in 2020, there were 39.3 million pre-loved or used cars sold in the United States. The number of sales is almost triple the number of new cars bought. In the same year, only 14 million new … Read more