Vehicle Maintenance

At, we recognize the joy that comes with owning a car, but we also understand the responsibility it brings. We know that you value your vehicle and aim to maintain it in pristine condition. Right here, you’ll discover valuable tips on vehicle maintenance that will not only preserve your time but also protect your wallet.

vehicle maintenance


5 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Old Car

10 Engine Treatments and Additives

How to Change a Car Battery

How to Choose the Ideal Window Tint for Your Car

How to Change Your Car’s Motor Oil

How to Clean Your Car’s Headlights

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

How to Get Your Car Ready for Hot Weather

How to Remove Bumper Stickers From a Car

How To Test Ignition Coils With A Multimeter

How to Wax Your Car Like a Pro

Oil On Spark Plug Threads | Diagnose and Fix

Spark Plugs and Their Impact on Your Car

Damaged Cars

All Hail PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)!

Flood Cars and How to Avoid Them

When is Your Car a Total Loss?

Decoding Your Vehicle

Air Conditioning Problems & Troubleshooting

Alternator Failure: Telltale Signs & Replacement

All-Wheel Drive v. Four-Wheel Drive: What Are the Differences?

Car Won’t Start: Basic Diagnostic Tests

Making Sense of Dashboard Warning Lights

Making Sense of Unusual Smells

Understanding Different Types of Car Air Filters

Driving Tips

Distracted Driving Recognition and Tips to Avoid It

Driving During a Tornado

Guide to Fall Driving Safety

How to Combat Road Rage

The Science Behind Hydroplaning (And How to Stop It)

Smart Ways to Conserve Fuel

Knowledge Base

Car Safety Inspections and Your Ride

Dismantle This: How to Part Out a Car

Practical Tips About Vehicle Recalls

Pros and Cons of Servicing Your Car at a Dealership

What is a Cold Air Intake?

What is a Serpentine Belt?

Oils and Fluids

Coolant Flush Essentials: What, Why & How

Demystifying Oil Change Procedures

Motor Oil: 4 Choices for Your Ride


Transmission Care & Troubleshooting

Understanding Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs)


Shocks, Struts, and Signs of Wear

The Key Components of a Car’s Suspension System

Tires and Wheels

How to Clean Rims & Tires

The Skinny on Run-Flat Tires

Tire Replacement Vs. Tire Repair: Which Is Right For Me?

Tire Terminology 101


Everything You Need to Know About Car Warranties

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