No Foolin’ – Kid Antics While on the Road!

What an appropriate day to share the antics my children have pulled while on the road! Usually, the worst of these occurred locally, but there were a few that happened while on a long trip. Although April Fools’ Day is traditionally observed by pulling pranks on each other, the following three examples happened at other times. As a parent, I’m sure you can relate!

April Fools' Day

Peanut Butter Catastrophe

Once upon a recent Saturday, in the heart of a road trip so long that even the GPS sounded bored, little Sarah, aged 3 and a quarter (the quarter is crucial), embarked on a mission that would forever enter the Family Road Trip Hall of Fame. The journey had started with the usual fanfare: a car loaded with enough snacks to survive a mild apocalypse and playlists designed to cater to every possible mood from “Excited to Leave the Driveway” to “If I Hear ‘Are We There Yet?’ One More Time.”

Three hours in, Sarah, having exhausted her interest in window scenery (trees, more trees, and oh, a cow), decided the time was ripe for something legendary. Her weapon of choice? A peanut butter sandwich, slightly squished, oozing with the good stuff, and ready for action. Her target? The jacket hanging off the back of Dad’s seat. A jacket, mind you, that had survived business meetings, two weddings, and a baptism. It was pristine, untouched by the chaos of road trips. Until now.

With the stealth of a cat and the precision of a seasoned sandwich-thrower, Sarah launched her snack. It soared, a peanut butter comet, and landed squarely down the back of the jacket. The silence that followed was not unlike the moment before a popcorn kernel pops. And then, chaos.

“MOM! Dad’s jacket is eating my sandwich!” Sarah exclaimed, a mix of horror and pride in her voice.

peanut butter girl

Her parents, momentarily confused, turned to witness the aftermath of what could only be described as a snack attack. The sight of peanut butter oozing down the inner lining of Dad’s favorite jacket was met with a symphony of reactions: Mom’s laughter bubbling up like a well-shaken soda, Dad’s eyes wide as saucers, trying to decide if he should be upset or impressed, and Sarah, wearing a grin so wide it threatened to split her face.

The rest of the trip was punctuated by bouts of laughter every time someone mentioned the “Peanut Butter Incident.” The jacket, though it would never be the same, became a tapestry of family lore, a reminder of the day Sarah surprised everyone by redefining car snacks and decor.

And so, the road trip that had started as a mundane journey from Point A to Point B turned into an epic tale of adventure, snack food, and the kind of family memories that stick—quite literally, in this case. As for Sarah, she earned the title of “Chief Sandwich Artist,” a title she wore as proudly as her dad now wore his peanut butter-stained jacket.

Pet Poo-Poo

In the heart of a road trip adventure meant to be exhilarating, our family of five, plus our adventurous mutt named Scruffles, found ourselves in an unforgettable predicament. Stuck in a notorious city tunnel, where time seemed to stand still, Scruffles decided it was the perfect moment to heed nature’s call—right on the back seat.

The deed was silent, but its aftermath was anything but. A potent odor quickly filled the car, turning the confined space into a battleground of senses. Initial shock gave way to a scramble for solutions—windows were rolled down only to let in stale tunnel air, and air fresheners proved futile against the formidable scent.

Scruffles, looking equal parts apologetic and embarrassed, watched as his family, caught between frustration and the urgent need for fresh air, rallied together with humor and storytelling. The incident sparked laughter and camaraderie, transforming an awkward moment into a memorable family tale.

When we finally emerged from the tunnel, the ordeal became a new metric for mishaps: “At least it’s not as bad as the tunnel incident.” Stops were made to ensure Scruffles, and the family, could avoid a repeat performance, but the laughter and unity sparked by the event cleansed any lingering frustration.

The “Tunnel Incident” left my family with not just a car in need of a deep clean, but an unforgettable story of shared laughter and the reminder that love and humor can overcome even the most unexpected challenges.

Pass the Barf Bag, Please

Our journey from Richmond to Myrtle Beach, anticipated as a break from the daily grind, took a turn for the worse. The drive, usually a smooth five-hour stretch on I-95 to a family-owned condo by the ocean, became memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Breaking from tradition, we opted to start our trip on Friday evening, aiming for the kids to sleep through the drive in their pajamas while my husband Richard and I enjoyed some quiet time. That evening, we skipped cooking and tried a new takeout spot with a tempting menu of tacos, enchiladas, and more, which we all enjoyed thoroughly.

barf bag

With our bags packed and the kids secured in their seats, we set off, calling the hotel to confirm our late arrival. However, less than an hour into the trip, chaos ensued. Tom, our son, suddenly got sick, his sickness not limited to him but quickly spreading to his sister Sarah and then, alarmingly, to Richard and me. The car had to be pulled over as one by one, we fell victim to what we realized was food poisoning from our earlier meal.

After the mess and all the discomfort, we somehow got everything cleaned up and kept going. It really showed us how wild road trips can be and why you must be careful about what you eat on the move. We finally rolled into the hotel at 1:30 pm, crashed in our rooms, and pretty much slept till noon. But in just a few hours, we were at the condo, leaving our food poisoning drama in the dust.

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