CES 2024: Introducing the VinFast Wild

At CES 2024, VinFast Auto, Vietnam’s emerging player in the electric vehicle market, unveiled the VF Wild, a concept electric pickup truck. Entering the fray dominated by names like Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, the VF Wild marks VinFast’s ambitious entry into the small truck segment. But is it just another electric vehicle, or does it bring something new to the table?

Design and Aesthetics

The VF Wild, a collaborative effort with Australian design studio GoMotiv, shows off a design that took over 8,000 hours and many designers to perfect. Termed “Fluid Dynamism,” the design is visually engaging but raises questions about practicality in the everyday use of a pickup truck. It’s a departure from the typically utilitarian focus of truck design, leaning more towards a stylized approach.

Size and Utility

Dimension-wise, the VF Wild sits comfortably in the mid-size category with a length of 209 inches and a width of 79 inches. However, what catches the eye is its adaptable bed size. The VF Wild boasts a power-folding mid-gate, allowing the bed to extend from 5 to 8 feet with the rear seats folded down. This feature could be a game-changer for users who need flexibility between cargo space and passenger accommodation.

Market Impact and VinFast’s Strategy

VinFast is not just entering the electric pickup truck market; it’s making a statement about its vision for the future of mobility. The VF Wild is an embodiment of this vision, but it also represents a gamble in a segment that values function over form. Ms. Tran Mai Hoa of VinFast speaks of making sustainable electric vehicles more accessible, but the VF Wild will need to balance its striking design with the practical demands of pickup truck users.

Environmental Considerations and Consumer Appeal

With its eco-friendly approach, the VF Wild taps into the growing market of consumers who prioritize sustainability alongside performance. However, it remains to be seen how this balance will play out in real-world scenarios. The VF Wild’s design and functionality suggest a blend of urban appeal and outdoor capability, targeting a demographic that seeks adventure without leaving a carbon footprint.

A Promising but Uncertain Future

Finally, the VF Wild is an intriguing addition to the small truck market. Its design and functionality set it apart, but its success will depend on how well it meets the practical needs of pickup users while staying true to its eco-friendly promise. As VinFast navigates this new territory, the VF Wild stands as a bold, albeit untested, symbol of the company’s ambition in the evolving landscape of electric vehicles.

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Video courtesy of MyCAR Update. Image and press release details from VinFast Auto.

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