The Segment-Pacing Ford Maverick

Pickup trucks remain a popular choice for a strong segment of consumers. Until recently, the subcompact market was not represented, but that’s all changed with the introduction of the Ford Maverick. Ford’s smallest model features a car-like, unibody design with elements of hardy truck capabilities included. Now in its third year, Ford is expanding production to meet strong demand.

Ford Maverick Front

What is the Ford Maverick?

The Ford Maverick represents Ford’s innovative approach to meet the demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient pickups without compromising on utility and functionality. This 2024 model highlights Ford’s commitment to versatility, offering a vehicle that blends the convenience and maneuverability of a compact car with the practical aspects of a truck. The Maverick’s design philosophy is centered around providing a solution for customers who need the utility of a pickup but prefer a vehicle that doesn’t feel oversized for everyday driving.

Ford has strategically positioned the Maverick within its lineup as the entry-level pickup option, making it an attractive proposition for first-time truck buyers or those looking to downsize from larger, more fuel-thirsty models. Despite its compact dimensions, the Maverick doesn’t skimp on the features that define a Ford truck: a sturdy build, smart storage solutions, and a capable powertrain. The incorporation of a car-based platform not only ensures a more comfortable ride compared to traditional trucks but also provides an efficient use of space that is evident both in the cabin and the cargo bed.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for One?

The 2024 Ford Maverick’s starting price of $23,400 for the base XL trim makes it a highly accessible option for those entering the pickup market, providing an appealing blend of features and value. As buyers move up to the midlevel XLT and the top-tier Lariat trims, the price incrementally increases, reflecting the addition of luxury and utility features that enhance the driving and ownership experience. However, the true cost of a Maverick can vary significantly based on chosen options and packages. For instance, selecting the all-wheel drive system or the hybrid powertrain alters the base price, tailoring the vehicle’s performance and efficiency to specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, Ford’s array of package upgrades allows for a high degree of customization but also means that the final price can quickly escalate beyond the base MSRP. The availability of packages like the Ford Co-Pilot360 for advanced safety features, the XLT Luxury package for enhanced comfort, and the Tremor Package for off-road capability, add layers of value but also complexity to the buying process. Prospective Maverick owners should carefully consider which features are essential to their lifestyle and budget to ensure they’re getting the most value from their purchase. A fully loaded Maverick Lariat, especially with the Tremor upgrade, can exceed $37,000, indicating that while the Maverick starts as a budget-friendly option, it can also cater to those looking for a more premium compact truck experience.

Ford Maverick profile

What is the Exterior Like?

Ford’s design team has masterfully crafted the Maverick’s exterior to capture the essence of what makes a truck both functional and visually appealing, despite its smaller size. The Maverick sports a rugged yet modern appearance, marked by a prominent front grille, broad hood, and strong, upright roof pillars that contribute to its commanding presence. Large wheel wells and the SuperCrew four-door configuration not only enhance its practicality but also ensure the Maverick fits seamlessly into Ford’s family of trucks. This design approach aims to appeal to traditional truck buyers while also attracting those who may not have considered a pickup before due to size or fuel consumption concerns.

The versatility of the Maverick’s bed is a standout feature, designed with functionality in mind to accommodate a variety of cargo needs. The ability to carry standard 4×8 plywood sheets, despite the bed’s compact dimensions, is a testament to Ford’s commitment to ensuring the Maverick remains a practical choice for work or leisure. Ford’s inclusion of customizable “hacks” for the bed further underscores the Maverick’s appeal to a broad audience, from DIY enthusiasts to professionals who require a vehicle that can adapt to diverse workloads.

Is the Interior Roomy?

Inside the Ford Maverick, the focus on practicality and functionality is evident, with an interior layout designed to maximize space and comfort for all occupants. The front row offers ample space, with seats that provide support and comfort even on longer journeys, and a high seating position that affords excellent visibility. This combination enhances the driving experience, making the Maverick feel more like a comfortable car than a utilitarian truck. The rear seats, while more constrained in terms of head- and legroom, are still sufficiently comfortable for adults on shorter trips. For families, these seats are ideal for children, ensuring that the Maverick can serve as a versatile family vehicle for everyday use and weekend adventures alike.

The use of hard plastics throughout the Maverick’s interior might hint at its budget-friendly nature, but Ford has cleverly integrated unique textures and colors to elevate the overall appeal. This ensures that while the materials are chosen for durability and cost-effectiveness, they don’t detract from the cabin’s appeal.

Ford Maverick front seat Ford Maverick rear seat

The attention to detail in the design elements and the incorporation of modern, crisp visuals contribute to an interior space that feels more inviting than one might expect at this price point. Additionally, the practical design extends to the inclusion of various nifty storage compartments throughout the cabin, which are ideal for stowing personal items, drinks, and tools, enhancing the Maverick’s utility.

Bed Size

The 4-foot-6-inch bed at the rear of the Maverick, though not large by traditional truck standards, is ingeniously designed to maximize utility. With 36 cubic feet of storage space and a 1,500-pound maximum payload capacity, it supports a wide range of cargo needs.

Ford’s inclusion of multiple tie-down cleats, an optional in-bed power supply, and a lighting system, along with a multi-function tailgate and various cargo separators, demonstrates a commitment to making the Maverick as functional as possible. The bed’s design and the available add-ons underscore Ford’s intent to provide a compact truck that doesn’t compromise on the utility that truck buyers expect.

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