B-ON Pelkan eLCV: Electric Commercial Transport

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was the stage for B-ON’s latest innovation: the Pelkan electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV). As B-ON’s first foray into its next-generation lineup, the Pelkan comes in two robust variants of 54 and 43 kWh. This vehicle stands out in its class with an exceptional payload capacity ranging between 2,720 and 2,910 lbs (1,234 – 1,320 kg), and a battery range that reaches up to 185 miles (298 km). Designed with the driver’s comfort in mind and priced competitively for business owners, the Pelkan is set to revolutionize commercial transportation with its blend of efficiency and ergonomic design.

Innovative Smart Dispenser Technology

In addition to the Pelkan, B-ON made waves at CES with its proprietary smart dispenser technology. This system is designed to revolutionize the last-mile delivery process, featuring a rotating set of shelves in the cargo box, coupled with scanners. It uses GPS to automatically present the correct package at each delivery destination. This technology not only streamlines the delivery process by eliminating the need for sorting and stacking but also reduces errors by alerting drivers to any incorrect package selections. B-ON anticipates that the increase in productivity offered by this technology will allow it to pay for itself within six months.

CEO Bruno Lambert’s Vision

Bruno Lambert, the CEO and co-founder of B-ON, shared his insights at the CES launch event, emphasizing the company’s commitment to productivity in the transportation sector. Lambert’s leadership has steered B-ON towards a growth trajectory that focuses on aligning with market demands and prioritizing efficiency and profitability.

Commitment to Urban Sustainability

Beyond technological advancements, B-ON is actively supporting the #SpaceForCities movement. This initiative advocates for efficient vehicle utilization, aiming to reduce the number of delivery vehicles on city roads. B-ON’s involvement in this campaign highlights its dedication to fostering more sustainable and spacious urban environments.

B-ON at CES 2024

Visitors to CES had the opportunity to experience the future of last-mile delivery by exploring B-ON’s innovative offerings. Hosted at the MIH | Mobility in Harmony stand, B-ON’s presentation underscored its commitment to industry collaboration and shared innovation.

About B–ON

As a leader in electric vehicles and smart solutions for commercial fleets, B–ON operates across Europe, Asia, and North America. The company is dedicated to reshaping urban spaces with efficient, all-electric commercial transportation solutions. For more information about B–ON and its advocacy for the #SpaceForCities movement, interested parties can visit their LinkedIn page, website, TikTok, and Instagram.

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