We Speculate the 2025 Dodge Charger

The latest iteration of the Dodge Charger is set to arrive, heralding a new era as it transitions from the current Challenger coupe and Charger sedan models to a two-door configuration. Interestingly, there seems to be no 2024 model in the pipeline. This iconic model is expected to offer a range of powertrains, including both fully electric options and traditional internal combustion engines.

2025 Dodge Charger

Imagining the Next-Generation Dodge Charger

Dodge and its parent company Stellantis have released minimal official details about the forthcoming model. However, a glimpse into its design was provided through a teaser image shared on Instagram on January 12. This latest depiction showcases the vehicle with an added B-pillar and maintains the iconic Fratzog logo on the front fascia.

Much of the information surrounding this vehicle remains in the realm of speculation. What is certain, though, is its expected market debut in late 2024. This timeline leads to the assumption that Dodge might forgo offering a 2024 model year Charger. It seems more likely that they will bypass this model year and introduce a 2025 Charger instead.

The following represents what we know about the new Charger along with a healthy dose of speculation.

Electric and ICE Powertrains

When the upcoming Dodge Charger was announced, we heard everything about an electric vehicle and nothing about a gas-powered variant. Nary a hint came from Stellantis that the Charger would be anything but electric, a disappointing turn of events for a traditional performance model.

Though disappointing to some, the electric Charger promises outsized performance in a variety of iterations. We’ve heard three iterations mentioned, with standard 455 horsepower and available 590 horsepower, according to Car and Driver. On the top end, we’ll see an SRT Banshee model delivering much more power. Notably, this model adds all-wheel drive, upgrading from the standard rear-wheel drive.

Hurricane Engine

As we approach the new model’s release, the rumor mill has been set ablaze by talk of ICE variant. This seems logical as gas engines have always represented Dodge at its finest. However, no HEMI V8 engine is in the mix, as Stellantis moves toward smaller, but still potent gas engines.

The ‘Hurricane’ 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine is expected to power select variants of the Charger. This not only bodes well for potential Charger buyers but also suggests a reduction in the model’s estimated base price, dropping from $50,000 to a more accessible price range.

Turbo Six

We expect that engine will feature twin turbochargers and align with the performance offered in select Jeep models where it is currently available. This means upwards of 520 horsepower, although certain tuning changes may impact that. Expect power to route to the rear wheels with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Hybrid Variant

Nothing has been said about a hybrid model, but that choice seems possible, especially if Stellantis can justify the numbers. In this case we could see a naturally aspirated version of the Hurricane offered, paired with a plug-in hybrid option. The combination would deliver boosted power along with what should supply 30+ mpg fuel economy. We expect this model would cost about $45,000 with a federal tax credit available.

Standard Engine

To sustain its customer loyalty, Dodge might consider adding a naturally aspirated version of the Hurricane engine to its lineup, potentially by the 2026 model year. This move could lead to a more affordable Charger, possibly priced around $35,000, making it an attractive option for Charger SE buyers. It’s important to note that with the new Charger set to compete against the Ford Mustang, a competitive pricing strategy is crucial. Additionally, while matching the 300 horsepower of the 3.6-liter V6 might be ambitious, the next-generation Charger’s lighter and more compact design could result in a notably agile vehicle.

Looking Ahead: 2025 Dodge Charger

We project that Dodge will unveil a prototype version of the 2025 Charger at the New York International Auto Show this spring, followed by the production version in Los Angeles in November. Between these shows, however, we should learn everything about the new Dodge except for pricing, which would be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Finally, will the new Charger platform yield additional vehicles? We expect so, including a new Dodge Durango SUV. Also, a revived Chrysler 300 might follow, giving these two model-starved brands something to stand on moving forward.


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