Author: Matthew Keegan

Matt Keegan is a journalist, media professional, and owner of this website. He has an extensive writing background and has covered the automotive sector continuously since 2004. When not driving and evaluating new vehicles, Matt enjoys spending his time outdoors.

First Electric Truck: Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T

The first electric pickup truck isn’t from Tesla, Ford, or Chevrolet. Instead, Rivian earns that distinction as the production of its all-new R1T model started this week. Rivian is an upstart automaker with a plant in Normal, Illinois. The company…

First Look at the 2023 Models


For 2023, these models seem set for the market. Car manufacturers plan their vehicles years in advance, with a four-year lead time the average. Even so, these automakers have a strong idea where their model lines are headed 10-15 years…