12 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Though San Francisco had the lowest fatality rate of any county in the region in 2016, it topped for having the most dangerous roads; which is a depiction of the county’s distinctive modal split.

Accidents leading to injuries may leave you in confusion and desolation. When you are injured in San Francisco, hiring the right lawyer is one of the most significant steps to a successful recovery. 

If you want to find the best lawyer, you may consider lawyers from a well-known San Francisco personal injury law firm

You cannot risk picking any lawyer you see from the ads to deal with your injury case. It is important to assess a lawyer before hiring them. 

Here are 12 essential questions you can ask your lawyer before hiring them:


1. What is Your Area of Specialization?


You want to hire a personal injury lawyer specializing in personal injury law, who can fight for you even when your case goes to court.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is vital as they are familiar with the personal injury law and know how to deal with the insurance company.


2. How Long Have You Dealt with Personal Injury Cases?


You might want to hire a lawyer who has many years of experience as they have the relevant skills. So, ask your potential lawyer how long they have been practicing law and personal injury law specifically.


3. Have You Dealt with Cases Similar to Mine Before?


It will help if you hire a lawyer who has litigated a case similar to yours. They will understand your situation completely and know how to help you. 

A lawyer with more experience in personal injury law may have higher chances of winning for you.


4. What Are Your Charges?


While most lawyers work on contingency-fee-basis, they do charge a different amount. So, ask your lawyer what their charges are to see if you can afford their services.


5. What Do You Think is the Value of My Case?


Once you explain your situation to your lawyer in your initial consultations, they should determine your claim’s value.

They may review your medical bills, consider your stabs, and estimate your general damages.


6. How Do You Plan to Handle My Case?


Most lawyers begin by writing letters to the insurance company to seek reimbursement. Others may decide to pursue litigation.

Upon listening to your case, your lawyer should have a plan on how to go about it. 


7. What is the Time Required to Solve My Case?


Though every case is different, your lawyer should estimate the general time your case might take. 

It is also good to know how much time they can spend on your case to avoid hiring an extremely busy lawyer to focus on your case.


8. What is Your General Assessment?


Before you hire a lawyer, you should ask them about their honest assessment of your case. A qualified lawyer should be able to tell you if there are winning chances.


9. What will Happen If I Lose?


Some lawyers may charge for any cost they incur while dealing with your case, including the cost of investigation and filing fees.

Therefore, you should ask about what will happen if you don’t win your injury case.


10. How Will I Participate?


Some Lawyers may want their clients to be highly involved in the case while others want to do the job independently. 

Thus, you should ask your lawyer about your responsibilities in the case before hiring them. 


11. Can You Take My Case to Court If Necessary?


Sometimes a settlement is not achieved easily, and your lawyer will have to take your case to trial. However, not all lawyers can do that. 

Ask your potential lawyers if they are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. 


12. Will You Do the Actual Work?


You want your case to be handled by the person you hired, right? But some lawyers may involve their juniors in their cases. 

You deserve to know whether they will do the actual work, or they will give it to their subordinate lawyers and associates.