5 Reasons Why the Insurance Company May Refuse to Pay Up in the Event of a Car Accident

A car accident can be a very traumatic experience for anyone, especially if injuries are involved. Most people depend on the insurance company to pay the damages and costs of an injury when they are involved in an accident. Usually, it is the insurance company of the at-fault driver that covers all the costs of an accident. Unfortunately, there are situations where an insurance company may deny the claim. This can leave a person unable to get the repairs or medical care they need to recover from such an event. These are some of the most common reasons why an insurance company may deny a claim.

Questions about Who is at Fault

If there are questions about who is at fault for an accident, the insurance company may attempt to deny the claim. Inconsistent statements by either or both drivers, other possible factors for the accident, and even potential moving violations or driving records may cause an insurance company to doubt who was at-fault for the accident.

If they can find any evidence that shows the other driver was at least partially at fault for the accident, they have grounds to reduce or even deny the claim. This makes it very important for those injured in an accident to get assistance when dealing with an insurance company. An attorney can help ensure that the injured party’s rights are protected and minimize the chance of the insurance company denying the claim. Simply visiting https://www.psinjury.com/ can provide important information on dealing with the insurance company.

A Lapse in the Other Driver’s Insurance

If the at-fault driver did not pay their insurance premiums on time, the insurance company can deny the claim based on the at-fault driver not having insurance. For those who have uninsured motorist protection, their own insurance may be able to pay the claim minus the deductible. However, if there is no uninsured motorist protection, it can be very difficult to get compensation for the accident. An attorney can assist with filing a claim against the at-fault driver, but this can be a long, difficult, and costly process that may not yield any real benefit.

Insurance Company Questions the Injury

Delays in getting medical care or even stopping treatment before the doctor recommends it can cause an insurance company to deny injury claims. The insurance company may attempt to argue the injuries were not severe or may not even be caused by the accident if the injured party was unwilling to get needed medical care. Other issues that can cause denials for injury claims include pre-existing conditions.

If the insurance company can claim that the injury was there before the accident, they will not pay. It is important that an injured person get medical care as soon as possible after an accident and complete any treatment or care the doctor orders. It is also important to provide information proving a pre-existing condition was made worse or the injuries were separately caused by the accident. An attorney can assist in this process.

The Type of Accident Was Not Covered

The insurance company is out to make a profit. They do this by keeping their payouts as low as possible. Some insurance companies have even been found to reward agents for denying claims and keeping payouts low. This can sometimes lead to insurance companies using absurd tactics to justify denial. There have been cases where the insurance company has claimed that an accident was not actually an accident because the at-fault driver acted in a moment of deliberate road rage.

Many insurance companies will go through legal hoops to keep from paying a claim. Often, those injured will just accept the results and not attempt to appeal the decision. This gamble helps insurance companies save thousands if not millions of dollars that go right to their profits. Therefore, it is so important to get assistance with these claims. An attorney can help a person navigate the legal nightmare insurance companies create.

Insurance Company Suspects Fraud

Almost any mistake, inconsistency, or question in an insurance claim can be construed as fraud by the insurance company. Delays in medical care, inconsistencies in statements, or even a slip of the tongue during a conversation can cause an insurance adjuster to suspect fraud. If this occurs, the insurance company can deny the claim. This is more common with individuals who attempt to navigate this process without legal representation. The insurance company will do whatever they can to confuse and complicate the process. After any car accident that involves injuries, it is always best to hire an attorney to help with this process to prevent suspicion of fraud or other issues that can cause the insurance company to deny a claim.


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