One of the Most Adaptable Bed Racks out There: Answering 12 Commonly Asked Questions About the Active Cargo System

Are you considering an Active Cargo System? Do you still have questions regarding these products? The following are some common inquires made by potential and existing customers.

Understanding the Load Rating

Customers often want to know more about the load rating of the system. Choose the ACS CLASSIC and carry 250 pounds off road. When driving on the road, carry 500 pounds with ease on the load bars. The system has a static rating of 1,000 pounds. This means the load bars can handle 1,000 when the vehicle is stationary, as when the owner chooses to attach a rooftop tent that weighs 200 pounds to the system and three adults sleep in this tent. Select the ACS Forged System and upgrade these ratings to 400 pounds off road, 800 pounds on road, and 1,400 pounds when stationary. For those who want additional details, they can get more information here.

Which Vehicles and Years Allow for Use of the ACS?

Consumers need to choose the Classic system if they have a short bed truck with a five-foot bed all the way up to a full-size truck with an eight-foot bed. Those who wish to purchase the Forged package need to recognize it is not available in the eight-foot option. Popular trucks, such as the Ford Ranger, accommodate the system, but it can’t be used with the Chevy Avalanche or the Dodge RamBox cargo management system.

Load Bar Height

If you measure from the truck bed rails, the load bars are 23″ high. However, customers receive the option of raising the bars to 27″ using the company’s high brackets. Those who own a vehicle with a high roofline and carry long loads about the truck cab should consider this option.

What is the Weight of the Active Cargo System?

The weight of the Active Cargo System varies based on the length of the bed. For example, the Active Cargo System CLASSIC for a five-foot short bed weighs 65 pounds, but the same system for an eight-foot bed weighs up to 100 pounds. The ACS FORGED system weighs approximately six pounds more than its CLASSIC sibling.

Does the System Work with Bed Liners?

Many owners purchased a bed liner for their vehicle and wonder if the Active Cargo System works with their liner. In most cases, the answer is yes. Sprayed-in bed liners pose no problem when it comes time to install the system. For those who have a plastic drop-in bed liner, the answer is slightly more complicated. When the bed liner sits under the rail, the Active Cargo System can be installed. However, certain modifications might need to be made to the liner to allow for the clamps used to connect the side and bed rails.

Where Can the Active Cargo System Be Obtained?

To ensure customers obtain a high-quality product, the company sells the product directly to vehicle owners or through its authorized dealer network. Consumers should avoid purchasing the system secondhand or through a dealer who is not authorized through the manufacturer.

How is the System Made?

The ACS CLASSIC features military-grade TIG-welded aluminum and grade 5 zinc plated steel hardware. The ACS FORGED features aluminum components suitable for military use, a forged 6061 aluminum upright arm, and grade 10.9 fasteners made of black zinc and nickel plating.

Can Accessories Be Used with the Active Cargo System?

Vehicle owners often accessorize their ride, and many wonder if they can use the Active Cargo System with these accessories. Those who own Yakima, Thule, or Rhino Rack accessories find they are compatible with ACS products. Most manufacturers make use of T-slots, which is what is found on the ACS products. Certain accessories use a clamp, and these accessories can be opened to accommodate the 2″ square load bar.

How Easy Is It to Install the Active Cargo System?

Common tools are needed to install ACS products, including sockets, a center punch, an electric drill, and a wrench. The installation instructions may be found under the Resources tab at, and installation is easy. Most vehicles do require holes to be drilled before installing the system, with some requiring two holes and others needing six. This information is found in the installation instructions. The only exception is the Toyota Tacoma, but the system comes with the necessary tool and threaded inserts to make the process easier.

How Can a Consumer Get ACS Products?

Several shipping options are offered, or customers may choose to pick up their system from an authorized dealer. All products are shipped UPS Ground in the continental United States. Accessories ship separately and come with their own shipping fee. Fortunately, most buyers find shipping costs remain under $100 within the continental United States, and products are shipped within one to two weeks of the order date.

Does the System Come with a Warranty?

All products come with a two-year warranty, as the company stands behind what it sells. The warranty applies to the original owner and ensures the product will remain free from manufacturing defects during the two-year period following the initial date of purchase. In the event the product fails during this time period, the company replaces the system or supplies the defective part. Simply contact customer service and supply information regarding the problem. The original purchase documents will be required and digital photos may be requested. There are exclusions with regard to this warranty. For example, the company won’t cover damage due to mishandling or damage resulting from an act of God.  Replacement parts are available through the company in situations such as these.

What is the Company’s Return Policy?

If the system does not meet a customer’s needs, it may be returned within 30 days of receipt. A 20 percent restocking fee is charged, and the customer remains responsible for return shipping costs. Accessories must be in their original packaging, and racks cannot be used. When a consumer purchases the system or accessories from a reseller, he or she must follow the return policy of that reseller.

The Active Cargo System remains a leader in consumer truck bed rack systems. This is due in large part to its modular expandability. Owners never worry about compromised structural integrity when this system is selected. Check back often, as the company is constantly improving and expanding on its product line to meet the needs of its customers.


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