5 Reasons Why Proper Car Maintenance Is a Smart Financial Strategy

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Financial fragility is one of the top problems people face today. The term basically means not having confidence in one’s resources for the uncertainties that life brings. In 2015, The Atlantic even published a feature on a growing number of professionals who have a steady source of income but did not have any type of savings, such as an emergency fund. 

An emergency fund, in particular, is incredibly vital, especially for financially fragile individuals. It’s a personal reserve to cover for unexpected expenses, such as car troubles. According to reports, car woes bring about some of the most common emergency expenses that people experience. These tend to occur almost as frequently as health issues do.

Here’s the thing: Preventing car troubles can be easy to do. With proper maintenance, one can avoid the exorbitant costs of auto repair. Prevention, after all, is always better than a cure, and can be much cheaper, too. 

Here are the reasons why having proper car maintenance done is a must when it comes to protecting your finances.

1. Regular auto maintenance is something that you can save up for.

When you follow a schedule for different car services such as an oil change, checking on the air filters, and a routine tune-up, you get to study your budget and make room for these expenses. 

The knowledge that there is something that you need to take care of will put you in a saving mode. Therefore, by the time you need to bring your car to the service center, you already have the amount of money prepared to cover the work that needs to be done.

2. It helps you build a good relationship with your service provider.

One of the perks of proper and regular car maintenance is that it can help you establish a good relationship with your service provider. This is quite advantageous because this often breeds privileges. 

With businesses, regular and loyal clients are greatly valued, and they are provided with additional care. Also, familiarity often leads to fondness, which in business can mean bonus services and extra special cost-saving offers. Your service provider may actually give you more value for what you are paying for auto care because of your good relationship with them.

3. It can extend the functional lifespan of your vehicle.

The extended use out of your vehicle is definitely the best benefit you can get out of regular auto maintenance. There’s nothing like making an effort to keep your car in tip-top shape to keep it running smoothly for a long time.

A car is often an expensive investment, and for frugal folks or those who cannot easily afford a replacement, proper and regular car maintenance is just a small price to pay compared to purchasing another vehicle.

4. It creates an opportunity for upgrades that you can financially prepare for.

If you are not keen on a quick replacement of your vehicle, regular maintenance can inspire you to learn about the upgrades that can be carried out to improve the function of your car.

With this knowledge, you can start making adjustments to your budget and accommodate these beneficial upgrades financially. Upgrades are worth considering if you want to use the same vehicle for as long as possible.

5. You can enjoy the lower car operation costs.

Well-maintained vehicles do not just operate more smoothly, but they also run in a more energy- and cost-efficient manner. Typically, when there’s something wrong with your car and you are not aware of it, the machine gets overworked, uses more fuel-provided energy, and costs you more money with every use.

Additionally, small types of damage that are not repaired right away can spawn other issues because all the components of a car are connected. One minor issue is like a contagious disease that spreads to the different working parts of the vehicle. This often results in diminished function and higher cost of repair for the restoration of the car’s good running quality.

All in all, if you are financially fragile and you wish to avoid the high cost of car repair (which usually costs much more than the minimum amount for an emergency fund), do aim to save here and there to cover the more reasonable expenses of regular car maintenance. This is the best defense against the huge financial setback that car repairs and replacement create.


Luigi Rubinacci is the Director of Strategic Ventures at AW Rostamani Automotive Group. AUTOTRUST Multibrand Car Service and Accident Repair is the Group’s strategic division that deals with the accident repair and service of all brands and makes of cars. Its service centers currently operate from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.