4 Things All Drivers Should Do More Of This Winter

We all know what we shouldn’t be doing as we take to the roads in the cold, wet and icy winter months. We all know that in alcohol is a no-no (all year round but especially on the slippery and treacherous winter roads). We all know that we shouldn’t drive when fatigued or drive for long distances in the dark and gloomy days without stopping. We all know that we should ensure that our cars are well maintained and that we have good quality winter tires when we get behind the wheel. Nonetheless, winter driving is not just a great big list of “Must Nots”. There are a great many things that we should be doing more of. Not only can they make our journeys safer, easier and more pleasurable, they can also make us into healthier and happier people in a season where the weather seems determined to make us miserable.

This winter you should take care to do more of the following…

Pay attention to other vehicles

“Keep your eyes on the road!”. It may seem like the most fundamental rule of safe driving, but it’s important to remember that the road is not the only thing you must contend with. You must also be mindful of other vehicles and the inherent challenges and hazards that they represent.

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But how many times have you had to jab your brakes because you saw a police car seem to appear out of nowhere when you were hovering over the speed limit. Trucks, ambulances, motorcycles, they all carry with them a unique set of risks to be mindful of. While you should call Gray and White Law if you are involved in a collision, mindfulness of other vehicles is one of the surest ways to stay safe on the road.

Practice mindfulness meditation

If you’ll be putting in a lot of hours over the coming weeks to make up for the festive spending or if you’re in a stressful place in your job or career right now, this can all add up and take a cumulative toll on your mental health. As such, it’s a good idea to practice mindfulness meditation to help to slow down the frantic pace of life and restore your mental wellbeing. You can practice mindfulness meditation in the car, and it will even make you a more alert and considerate driver.


What driver doesn’t love to blast their pipes when their jam comes on the radio? But singing in the car is more than just satisfying, it’s a proven tonic for mental health. In a season when many of us will be affected by stress, worry or depression, singing in the car has some proven mental health benefits.  


That’s right! You can even exercise behind the wheel. If you’re worried that you’re wearing your festive excess on your sleeve (or just above the beltline) you’ll be delighted to know that there are even some exercises you can do behind the wheel to firm and tone your stomach. Pretty cool, no?

If you’ve never done any of the above behind the wheel, this winter is the perfect opportunity to start!

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