Easy Ways to Spruce up a Classic Car

Fixing up a classic car isn’t just about changing out all of its mechanics, you know. It should be comfortable, as well, and you can even make it a bit more modern by including features you wouldn’t normally think that a classic vehicle should have.

Image from: Pexels

If you’re currently in the process of fixing up an older car, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a handful of tips on how you can make it a bit more comfortable and practical inside, no matter its age. That way, you will at least be able to keep your hands warm during those long winter drives – and can even record your sleek driving.

#1 A high-quality phone mount

While many older cars look great and come with a lot of history, it’s still nice to be able to use our own modern features while driving in it. You will, after all, still need directions from time to time – and unless you’d like to pull out an actual map, you should try to find a good phone mount for your car.

It’s kind of a must for most drivers these days and a great way to make your vehicle a little bit more practical and suitable for your lifestyle. Find a phone mount that is of a high quality, first of all, so that you can adjust it in all directions and preferably one that is able to hold all sorts of phones.

This Kenu phone mount will allow the driver to use it in both portrait and landscape mode, and it’s large enough to even fit the new iPhone XS Max if it has to. Having one of these when you love to drive is a must as it, besides from making the driving experience better, helps to avoid distracted driving.

#2 Steering wheel cover

A steering wheel cover doesn’t have to look like something your grandparents would give you for Christmas. It can, in fact, look quite sleek and will keep your hands warm while driving this winter. Any car nut who lives in a colder climate would love one of these, in other words.

The best ones will also provide a better grip, by the way, and it will feel way more comfortable steering when you have one of these. Have a look at this article to go over the most popular ones and make sure they have it before the temperature sinks even lower.

#3 Private number plate

When you have spend a lot of time and effort on purchasing your classic car but would still like to make it a bit more personal, you should simply treat it to a private number plate or personalised car registrations. It looks fancy, first of all, and will give your car a look that is more authentically you.

That way, there will be no mistaking you on the road for somebody else when you’re driving such an eye-catcher with a personalised number plate.

Image from: Pexels

The number plate will give your car that extra personal touch and is, of course, a must if you have a car that you love with all their heart. It doesn’t even cost as much as you might think, by the way, and will also be a great gift for any car enthusiast.

#4 A good dash cam

A high-quality dash cam can do so much more for the driver than recording accidents or potential accidents on the road.

Most car enthusiasts will have this installed for more than just precautions as you can record your driving, show off those hot laps, and show the rest of the Internet just how hopeless some of the drivers you meet on the road are.

Make sure that you get one that is of a high quality, though, as there is a big difference between the cheaper ones and the slightly more expensive ones.

Purchasing and working on an older car means that you’re going to put in a lot of hours on making it look just right and, hopefully, drive perfectly. How it feels when you sit inside it, however, is also a part of the package – and with these simple fixes, you’ll feel a bit less antique and a bit more modern.

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