Four Things You Do To Wreck Your Own Car


These days, most of us consider owning a car to be an absolute necessity, rather than an indulgence. Commuting to work everyday, going to the supermarket or simply doing the school run, we have become extremely attached to our vehicles. And with the availability of financing deals with low deposit options, more of us than ever are choosing to buy new.

It’s easy to get sold on the dream when you’re browsing through glossy sales brochures or surfing the web looking at new car review videos or searching private number plates for sale, but the reality is that the value of your new car will depreciate quickly.

Wear and tear over time is impossible to avoid, meaning this asset is more vulnerable compared to things like your home. You want to do all you can to protect your investment and maintain the maximum amount of equity, but without knowing it, you could be damaging your car and wrecking it’s future value.

1. Not Cleaning The Vehicle Properly

You know what it’s like. At first you are infatuated with your new ride, finding any excuse to take it out for a spin, and taking regular trips to the car wash to have it valeted. But then life starts to get in the way, and priorities shift. Not making time to wash your car regularly seems the least of your worries, but actually, maintaining vehicle hygiene inside and out is important. After all, it is far more difficult to spot wear and damage on a filthy vehicle, meaning that little issues you could easily remedy have the chance to get steadily worse over time. Not cleaning the car also means that dirt and pollution have the chance to damage the paintwork, so make sure you schedule in a regular wash for your wheels.

Wash and go…protect your new car. Image via Creative Commons.

2. Not Maintaining The Services

Services can seem like just another expense, but they are vital to maintain the good condition and optimum performance you want from your vehicle. Servicing allows early detection of mechanical faults, preventing small issues from spiraling into more complex, costly problems. So find a reliable local car garage or speak to the dealership to see. Some now offer a servicing package with a number of pre-booked services for a small monthly charge, which can be a way to spread the cost of this essential maintenance.

3. Fluids and Filters

Changing the fluids and cleaning the filters on your car are simple, at-home tasks which many seem to neglect. Not taking care of these means that you are increasing the wear and tear on your vehicle, making it work much harder, and storing up future problems. If left unchecked and you are doing long journeys, this could lead to serious issues with the health of your car, so schedule calendar reminders to make sure these routine chores get taken care of and that your car is running smoothly.

4. Taking Care of Tyres

Lastly, tyres are also hugely important. They may seem like a little thing, but they really affect the functionality of your vehicle. So take the time to check the air pressure and keep it topped up to the level suggested in your owners handbook, and make sure that the alignment is checked which will also save fuel costs. Taking the time for these simple steps will allow you to protect your investment.


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