First Time Buying a Car? Here Are 3 Things No One Told You


If you’re in the market for a vehicle because you recently passed your license, then there are a couple of important things you absolutely have to remember before you invest your cash. Whether you’re getting a small budget vehicle, an expensive high-end car or a mid-range saloon, there are plenty of choices available on the market. But with each consideration, you also need to remember that there are many concerns and small nuances that you have to keep in mind.

In this article, we’re going to explain a couple of things about buying vehicles that you’ve likely not heard.

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Buying used is often more expensive than new

Did you know that buying a used car is often more expensive than a new one? This is usually because the financing deals offered by car dealerships are more expensive than new cars. They usually come with higher interest rates and may even ask for additional charges at the dealership itself. You can easily expect to pay 10 to 20 percent more than the asking price that is shown on the car windscreen. In addition, buying a used car often invites plenty of problems such as old and worn parts that soon need to be replaced.

You’re going to ruin it

Sooner or later, you’re going to be in some form of crash (minor or major) that requires you to contact a lawyer such as Alpert Schreyer. The reason isn’t because you’re a terrible driver or because you’re in an unsafe car, but because you’re not the only factor on the road. Other poor drivers could bump into you, a new driver could accidentally scrape your car while parking their own, and you might even end up in a pile-up on a busy and congested street. The lesson here? Make sure you can live with the idea of scratches on your car or the idea of paying to fix your vehicle once it does get damaged. It’s not going to last forever no matter how safe you are!

Priorities are important

Unless you have the money to purchase a vehicle that has every single feature you need (highly unlikely that this car exists!) then you need to get priorities straight. There’s a reason people buy “family” cars to go alongside their regular vehicles. Some people need more space for seats, some people need more security features, and others just want a large vehicle that sits higher on the road. Make a list of priorities and stick with them! Don’t neglect this step or else you’ll end up locked in a financing contract that you are unable to get out of, forcing you to pay for a vehicle you dislike or don’t find fitting to your lifestyle.

All in all, buying a vehicle is a tough task and there are plenty of considerations to keep in mind. Make sure you look at these points and pick a vehicle after you’ve looked through these considerations.



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