Size Matters On The Road, But Not In The Way You Think

We’re forever told that size matters. The size of your house, your bank balance, and well… you know. Not only does size matter, but big is usually considered best. It’s superior, almighty, and impressive. And, so, we go through our lives thinking that the bigger our belongings, the better position we’ll be in.

And, that’s sometimes the case. It’s hard to argue that a bigger bank balance will lead to higher nappiness levels. But, we then fall into the trap of applying this theory where it isn’t relevant. Take the road, for instance. The size seekers among us fall into the trap of thinking the biggest car is sure to serve better than the rest. But, that’s not true. Size does matter on the road, but perhaps not in the way we think. In fact, when you get down to it, the smaller cars out there often have the upper hand. If you don’t believe us, read on to find out why.

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Other drivers will think better of you

Though we claim otherwise, we all care what people think of us. As such, it makes sense to start here. After all, didn’t you buy that big car so that you could put other drivers to shame? Well, it’s time for a newsflash; no one likes the guy in the oversized wagon. Sorry, but them’s the facts. Rather than revving to impress, you’re at risk of pissing everyone else off. And, that’s not your aim at all. The trouble is, your car is a blatant attempt at showing off, and an eyesore to boot. Anyone behind you in a traffic jam won’t even be able to see past your massive backside. So, if you want to make friends on the road, it might be best to tone it down with a tiny vehicle. Or, at least something a little smaller.

Big rarely looks best

It’s also worth considering appearance here. Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, it’s fair to say that big cars don’t often look all that great. The size may bedazzle you, but step back and think about this. Big cars are, more often than not, boxy and, dare we say a bit clumsy? Sleek designs and grilles at the front can only do so much when your car’s that big. By comparison, small vehicles can look much sleeker. Take the Honda small car range, where models like the Honda Jazz can put chunky cars to shame. Taking things further consider releases like the Porsche 911 Carrera focus on compact appearance and rounded edges. And, that’s sure to look a little better out on the road than the box you’re considering.

Small cars can take that tiny parking space

Consider this; you’re in a rush to get to the shops before they shut. But, everyone else has had the same thought, and the only space left is a tiny one up against a pillar. Your big car hasn’t a chance in hell of fitting. So, you drive on and gape in awe as the Smart car behind you slips easily into place. Get used to it, because that’s the reality of large car ownership. In fact, parking could be tough, even when there are plenty of spaces around. While most models do fit in standard parking spaces, there’s no guarantee. Do you really want to do THAT guy who takes up two spaces? You’ve already got the big vehicle, we suppose. Might as well give people more
reason to dislike you while you’re at it…

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Think of the environment

The eco-conscious among us even spare a thought for the environment when we’re buying a new car. But, it’s going to be tough to do that when you’re looking at a large vehicle. Despite best efforts, there’s no getting past the fact that a bigger car is going to use more fuel. That’s physics. By comparison, the majority of small vehicles will be more economical here. Of course, that’s not always the case, and you should still look into how many miles your choice does to the gallon. But, you can rest pretty secure that the majority of small choices out there are going to be better.

A final word

We’re not saying you shouldn’t get a big car. Many owners run into the sunset with their oversized vehicles and live happily ever after. But, we are saying you should consider the realities of a move like this before committing to the big is best club.



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