3 Doors That Open for First Time Car Owners


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You may not have noticed it immediately, but as a first time car owner, the world has just opened up before you and a whole array of new experiences are just waiting to be seized upon.

This goes beyond the obvious benefits of being able to pop down to the shop without having to cycle, wait for a bus, walk, or get a lift, too. Finding out just how massive the potential changes are for you is all a matter of exercising your imagination.

Here are a few things you can now do thanks to your newfound status as a vehicle owner, that you might not have thought of.

Travel the country

Nationwide road trips — or even more dauntingly, continent-wide ones — are a thing reserved almost solely for those who have cars or have recently taken advantage of used vans for sale ads in their local newspaper.

While you can fly across a country, or even take a long-haul bus tour, there is no substitute for doing the drive yourself, preferably with some friends or loved ones in tow.

When you have your own mode of transport, you can decide your route point for point. You can go at whatever pace best suits you, and you can take whatever spontaneous detours you feel inspired to take in the heat of the moment.

You also have the ability to visit sites and attractions that are more “off-the-beaten-path”, and which public transport might seldom, if ever stop at.

Don’t underestimate just what a life changing experience these sorts of roadtrips can be. Buy some travel guides, hit Google for tips, message a few friends, and begin planning a summer vacation you won’t soon forget.

Start a new side business

Just about every business which isn’t entirely web or knowledge based requires transport at its core. If you plan to set up a recycling company, a window washing business, or even to sell custom made furniture, having an effective and reliable mode of transport at hand can be your magic ticket to getting your foot in the door.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a new side-hustle for the longest time, but could never quite get your ducks in a row, now might be the time to make the plunge.

With a car and a skillset or product, you might be amazed with what you can achieve.

Investigate new living situations

Finally becoming a vehicle owner isn’t just your key to exciting new travels and potential new business opportunities, it can even change your entire living situation for the better.

For those who have to rely on public transport, living options are necessarily limited. You have to be within a certain range of your workplace, and you need to be within the zone covered by public transport, if you want to make it to work every day and hold onto your job.

With a car on hand, you have much more freedom in this regard. You can start investigating cheaper properties in idyllic villages which you could never before have considered, and simply commute by car each morning.



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