Bye, Bye, Baby… Saying Goodbye To Your First Car


It’s never easy to say goodbye to your first love, especially if your first love was beautiful, slender, and got to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. From that first banger you had when you were a teenager right the way through your driving life up to the present day, where you’ve got your idea of the perfect ride down, and you couldn’t possibly give up your little sporty wonder. But sometimes we get financial woes, sometimes we have personal reasons, but sometimes it can be the car too. Here are reasons why it might be time to give up the ghost.

The Cost!

The cost will always be a big factor in every car you buy or sell. Look at your spending. Do you find the maintenance costs a bigger expense now than anything else? Look at the Ferrari F355, it’s a beauty, but a pain in the neck to maintain! So, think about it, are you shelling out more than your bank balance can cope? If you are paying more money in than you’re getting out of it, it could be time to move on…

Is It Even Safe Anymore?

If you’ve got an old banger, you might want to think about your safety and the safety of your passengers. Older cars wear out; it’s a fact of life. Do you get more breakdowns now, and if your personal circumstances have changed, such as extending the family, and you haven’t got the lane departure warning systems or blind spot monitoring functions, is it time to cut the ties? Even the most reputable auto repair companies will do their best to fix it but they have a right to stop you driving it home if it’s not safe! So if you are risking your life every time you head out in the thing, it’s got to be time to bid farewell.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

For those Bugatti drivers, have you really thought that it’s possible to put a baby seat in there as well as all the stuff babies come with?! Lifestyle changes mean that you need to find something suitable for what you do every day, or maybe you need something more viable to make that commute to work easier. If you’ve moved further away, then substance takes priority over style, and it can be difficult to find that car that’s sleek yet practical. And while it pains many people to say the dreaded word “hatchback,” they’re alright for cheap!

The Long Goodbye…

Yes, it’s difficult to say goodbye to your baby. But things change, man! At the end of the day, don’t sweat it! We go through many cars in our lifetime, and we always put them out to pasture to make way for the next driving stage in our lives. You can try to keep it all you want, but you’ve got to know when to say goodbye. Whether it’s cost, personal circumstances, or the car isn’t safe anymore, at least you’ve got some lovely memories. The road is long, with many a winding turn!



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