Reasons To Wish For Autonomous Cars

It is only a matter of time before driverless cars stop being a concept of the future and a thing of the here and now. In fact, we reckon that this new epoch of technology will be a big part of everyday lives in 10 to 15 years. The reason we believe this is quite simply because when Google sets its mind on something it tends to achieve it, especially when there is competition snapping at their ankles.

Uber, Volvo, Audi, Intel, Tesla; all of these companies are making huge strides in autonomous cars. But while there are so many obvious benefits to having a driverless car sat on your drive (such as more time), what are the other reasons to support this technology coming into existence.

1. Safety Comes First

Every year, more than a million people are killed on the roads, and the number 1 catalyst to traffic-based accidents is human error. In fact, around 90% of accidents are the fault of humans. That is where autonomous driving comes in because, according to research done at The Levin Firm, even the slightest introduction of driverless vehicles could have a massive impact on these figures. We are getting closer and closer to safer cars, and most modern vehicles have been fitted with some form of system that works to warn the driver of a possible collision. Some even have automatic braking systems that will take over from the driver if it feels necessary. Of course, the increase in safety won’t just protect lives, but it will protect your wallet too. Fewer crashes mean lower insurance premiums. Fewer crashes mean lower hospital premiums.

2. Save Our Planet

Scientists and researchers reckon that traffic and transportation account for around 31% of all CO2 emissions. Of course, you’re probably wondering how the introduction of driverless cars will change this fact after all a car is still a car and fuel will still be used. But autonomous cars will have an impact. You see, the technology on offer in driverless cars is part of the big selling point, and so many of the competitors in this field are working on what is called “connected tech”. This will allow the autonomous vehicles to connect with each other and certain infrastructure, like traffic lights or congestion warnings. By having this data available, the cars will then be able to make decisions to reduce their fuel consumption and react in a more economical way.

3. No More Traffic

Okay, no more traffic is a slight exaggeration, but the amount of traffic will certainly be decreased. This is going to work through that connected tech we mentioned earlier. If cars and vehicles are able to communicate with one another then they will be able to address their surroundings better and identify what is the best route to take. This will spread the load a bit. It will make more roads less cluttered with humming engines and long delays. The other thing that will have a huge impact is the fact that vehicles will be able to work as one. The biggest cause of traffic jams is unnecessary braking and accelerating. But autonomous vehicles will be able to brake and accelerate as one, meaning no more ghost stops on the motorway.


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