Learn Basic Alloy Wheel Tips in 2 Minutes


Alloy wheels have become a common sight on people’s cars, having been perceived almost exclusively as sports car luxuries only a few short years ago. They are popular for their visual appeal, but they also have plenty of robust, practical quality. The combination of aluminum with other metals makes alloy wheels very strong and they improve the car’s acceleration, braking and cornering performance.

If you decide to invest in a set of alloys, though, make sure you’ve done your research into what you’re buying, as alloys aren’t generic, off-the-shelf products. You’ll need a set that fits your car suitably in terms of size, weight, offset and other key factors. If you’re unsure about the measurements or specifics of your alloy wheels, find out for certain before you go to an auto shop and realize that you’ve bought alloys which don’t come close to fitting your car.

The people at First Aid Wheels http://www.fawheels.co.uk/ created this very helpful and understandable video about the most important things to know about alloy wheels, such as taking measurements and fitting them correctly. They’ve also written a detailed article on the subject http://www.fawheels.co.uk/blog.html/129-all-about-alloy-wheels.html  for those of you seeking more comprehensive tips. A quick viewing of the video below and you’ll have all the alloy wheel basics you’ll need to know!


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