Can You be a Car Enthusiast on a Budget?



Yes. Being a car enthusiast isn’t just about driving a really nice sports car or a classic muscle car. Most of the cars we love to read about and watch videos of are well out of reach for all but the extremely wealthy.

But being a car enthusiast is about loving cars and driving. Which is something we can all do, not just those of us who can afford super cars and track days.

With that in mind, here are a few activities for car enthusiasts that will cost you nothing or close to it.

Work on it yourself

Getting some grease on your hands is a good way to learn about your car and save some money on repairs and servicing.

Working on your own car can be pretty daunting if you’ve never done it before, but there’s plenty you can do even without any experience. There is an endless supply of online guides, video tutorials and advice forums.

With a bit of research and some basic hand tools, you should be able to do some simple maintenance and repairs.

Keep learning new things

Cars are fascinating machines. Billions of dollars are spent on research and development, engineering, and design ever year.

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in automotive technology helps you understand the direction that the motoring industry is heading in. Plus, it’s really cool.

You could spend all your free time reading about all the technology that goes into a Tesla or latest Nissan GT-R, and it’ll still be developing faster than you can learn about it.

Talk to other car enthusiasts

If you don’t know many people in person who share your passion for cars, there are a huge number of online communities for car lovers. And passion for cars is always better as a communal activity.

Just follow your interests and you’ll find likeminded enthusiast wherever you look for them. Whether it’s a community focussed on a particular make, DIY repair advice, or mods.

Whatever you’re interested in, there are plenty of others who are too, and you can get involved with online.

Love your car

This is probably the most important thing that separates an enthusiast from someone who just thinks of cars as a utility.

Loving your car is about more than just using it to get from A to B. It’s about caring for your ride. Taking pride in your driving skill. Having the freedom to go where and when you want.

The car you drive usually isn’t the car of your dreams, and that’s ok. Maybe your car is the old family car which you inherited when your parents got an upgrade. Or maybe it’s something old and cheap you saved up for and bought on your own. Whatever it is, love it.

Save up for your dream car

Even if you love your car, it may not be the thing that you want to drive forever. Whether you want a classic car or something cutting edge, we’re all dreaming of the car we’ll own “one day”.

So work hard for it. Save up for it maybe you’ll get behind the wheel of your dream car one day.


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