Dead Simple Ways To Make Money From Your Car


This time of year, money can be a little tight, what with all of the lost income from taking holidays along with all the money spent on Christmas presents. As a result, many owners are turning to their cars as a way to make money.

Check out some of these dead simple ways to make money from your car.

Rent It Out

One of the weird things about cars is how they just sit on your driveway, doing nothing for 95 percent of the time. In that sense, they’re different to most capital. Almost everything else is constantly in use, except for reasons unknown, cars themselves.


But now, thanks to the internet, this is starting to change. Sites like EasyCar Club match people who want to borrow a car to people who want to rent it out. The site says that most people could stand to make more than $2,000 a year from renting out their car, easily enough to cover the depreciation and put towards a new vehicle.

Sell Advertising Space

Have you ever seen an advertising car while you’ve been driving around? Probably. But did you know some of the people driving those cars aren’t actually representatives of the company being advertised? Probably not.


It turns out that driving around in a car with a company’s advertising on it can net you a significant amount of extra cash. Motorists who sign up to such schemes can often earn as much as $400 a month which is generally more than it costs to keep a car on the road. Cars are wrapped in a self-adhesive film containing the advertising message, and the amount you earn is related to the proportion of your car that is covered.

Sell It!

If your car is on death’s door, don’t worry, you can still get cash for junk cars. Many companies will buy a car, no matter what the condition, netting you some money and helping you avoid all the hassle and cost of making it road-worthy.

Join Uber

The cool thing about Uber is that it is the sort of thing that you can dip in and out of when it suits you. Many Uber drivers aren’t full-time taxi drivers: instead, they’re part time, offering their services in the evenings and on the weekends during peak hours.


Uber drivers need to know two things. Firstly, they have to drive a car that is less than five years old and one that is a suitable model. And second, they need to obtain a license.

Uber says that drivers earn around $15 an hour after it takes its 20 percent cut.

Become A Courier

If you do a lot of driving, why not make delivering parcels a part of your route? Many people have started doing this, putting their regular cars to good use.\

Companies like Nimber make doing this easy. The site allows you to make deliveries to places that you’re going anyway, avoiding you having to make any big detours and supplementing your income. This is a great way to make back the money you spend on petrol to and from a job.



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