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The vast majority of Americans drive with automatic transmission. It’s occurred over time, and as people have started to drive longer distances, they have preferred cutting out gear changes. And they have a point. Changing gears is unnecessary in modern cars, and the automatic can help you enjoy a more relaxing ride.

However, how often do you hear about people extolling the virtues of driving automatic? The truth is, never. But when you hear about the experiences of manual drivers, it’s a different story. People who drive stick love changing gears. And there are plenty of benefits of using a gearbox that every driver should know. Read on and find out more – perhaps you will change your opinion by the end of the post.

A better understanding of your car

When you have a manual transmission, you learn a lot about how your car works. You understand the point – and value – of a gear box. You know how it helps adjust the power between the engine and the wheels. And, therefore, it makes you far more in tune with your vehicle. It will help you hear and understand many issues before they become a major problem.

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Far more control

Driving stick gives you complete control over your car. You will learn how each gear change affects the engine. It helps you learn how to be more efficient on the road, according to In fact, manual cars can save you up to 15% more fuel than automatics. And, it’s a lot more fun than sitting in a car and just steering every now and again.

More focused driving

Sure, it’s nice to slip your car into automatic and turn on the radio for a relaxing drive. But it’s also dangerous. Driving any automatic vehicle for a long distance can have a soporific effect on anyone. Driving stick means you have to engage with your vehicle. You are more of a participant in the experience, rather than a director. And it will help you stay sharper, more focused, and safer on the roads.

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Cheaper maintenance

Any major transmission problem can cost a lot to fix. But when you drive manual, you can spot problems far quicker than with an automatic. states that early intervention can save you a significant sum of money. And if you are a careful manual driver, you might not even have to swap out your clutch for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Protection against thieves

The vast majority of US drivers can’t drive stick. So it makes sense that the large majority of car thieves can’t, either. And even if they could, the chances of them selling it on is close to minimal. Only 5-6% of all cars sold in America are manual. There just isn’t the market for manuals for them to be of interest to any sensible thief. So, if you want to be a sensible driver, choose a manual car. You can almost guarantee that no one will ever have the skills to take it away from you.

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