The Biggest Driving Myths Of All Time, And How They’re Putting You At Risk

It’s no secret that people who drive put themselves at risk of an accident. But according to a British insurer, few people know what their driving insurance will cover. The insurer found that most people really didn’t have much of an idea about what their insurer would cough up in the event of an accident. Their answers were mainly guesses.

And this is the problem. People only really find out what they have to pay when the go to make a claim. The idea behind insurance seems simple. You pay a premium, and then the insurer will pay out if you are involved in a smash. But the reality is somewhat different to that. People end up paying through the nose for cover they thought they had. And this is causing resentment. Comprehensive cover is supposed to mean comprehensive, right? It turns out most people are unhappy about the cover the get from their insurer after an accident.

The best defense against this sort of thing is to be informed. Here’s a rundown of the biggest driving myths out there right now.

Myth 1: If It’s Not Your Fault, You Don’t Pay Anything

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In 2013, there were 316,943 car crashes in Florida alone. That’s one auto accident per 63 residents per year. You would hope that if the crash wasn’t your fault, you wouldn’t have to shell out on an insurance excess. But you’d be wrong. Although four in ten drivers thought they wouldn’t have to pay, it’s standard to pay an excess across insurers. Some insurers will offer to cover the excess, which seems a bit strange. And, of course, that means a premium on top of your premium.

Myth 2: You Automatically Get Paid Compensation After An Accident

Let’s say you’re injured in an auto accident and it wasn’t your fault. Compensation is automatic, right? Wrong. The other driver’s insurer will do all they can to prevent you from getting your hands on compensation money. And even if they do offer you money, it’s likely it won’t get close to the amount that you deserve.

Myth 3: If Your Car Is Stolen, You’ll Always Get A New One

If even third-party, fire and theft covers theft, then surely getting a payout is guaranteed right? Especially, if you have comprehensive cover. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When your insurer issued your insurance, they did so based on the information you gave them. Suppose, for instance, you told them that your car would be locked in a garage overnight. Well, that certainly helped push your premiums down. But it doesn’t help when your car was stolen from the road outside your house. Insurers might throw out your claim if your vehicle isn’t kept where you told them it was kept.

Myth 4: You Can Drive Another Person’s Car If You’re Fully Comp

About one in three drivers believe that they can drive away in another person’s car if they are fully covered. But, there are some notable exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you’re under the age of 25, it’s almost certain this term isn’t included in your insurance. Plus, if you do get involved in a smash, usually it’s only third-party.