3 Tips To Help You Save Money On Any Car Your Buy!

Want to know how to save money on any car you buy? Then have a read of these three tips:


(Image via pixabay https://goo.gl/MD7Wvh)

Buy Used

You’re pretty much always going to save money if you buy used rather than new. There are some benefits to buying a new car, but none of them is really worth the price you’ll have to pay. You can get a used car that’s just as good, for a fraction of the price. Plus, you can buy used cars from a couple of years ago, that are still perfect to drive today. A car built in 2013 will still have a lot of modern technologies. But, those two years can drive its price down massively, meaning you can pick up a bargain.

The important thing about buying used is making sure you check the car before you buy it. Visit the seller and make sure everything checks out. You don’t want to buy a car only to find out that the brakes don’t work, or it’s got a dodgy clutch. Give it a test drive and scope out the car for any hidden issues/problems that weren’t in the description.

Know The Market Value

One of the easiest and simplest ways to save money on any car is to know its market value. Don’t just assume a car will cost a certain amount, check! Not all cars will cost the same, a Peugeot 308 isn’t going to cost the same as a BMW 3 Series. Car price will be determined by the type of car it is, and a little bit by the manufacturer too. Lesser known manufacturers tend to sell cheaper cars.

If you’re viewing a car, check its market value. Have a look around various websites and see what the average price for the car is. You may find that the market value is considerably lower than the price you were looking at. So, if you’d gone and bought the car on impulse, you would’ve wasted money. Checking the market value is a quick way to ensure you’re saving money and not overpaying for your car.


 (Image from Flickr https://flic.kr/p/s61mYW)

End Of The Month Buying

This is one of my favorite tips for saving money on cars. We all know what it’s like when you go to a car dealer. They look at you like you’re a walking credit card, they try and get all your money out of you. They’ll spend ages pretending to like the things you like just to persuade you to spend a little extra than you planned. Well, buying at the end of the month can change things massively.

If you go to a dealer near the end of the month, they will be desperate for your business. A lot of car salespeople are supposed to make a certain amount of sales each month to get paid more money. So, they’re always looking for last ditch sales when the month is coming to a close. It’s a great chance to save money and bag a deal because they’re so desperate. They just want a quick sale, no complications, so they can move on and find another sale to make. I’ve saved loads of money using this end of the month tip.