How to Get the Best Price for a Used Car

Orange MustangIf you’d take a look at the car dealers you would see that they always try to get their cars in the best possible shape before they put them up for sale. This is exactly what you need to do if you are selling your used car. Buyers will always inspect the car as much as they can and it is up to you to make everything look great before you present the car to them. That way, you will be able to get the best possible price for your car. Check out the following tips if you are thinking about selling your car.

Make the car shine

VW BugIt comes as a no surprise that people will be more interested in your car if you get it cleaned and looking great. Get rid of any stains and crumbs in order to show the potential buyers that the car is well-maintained. When you present them with a clean, good-looking car they will see that you have been taking care of it and will feel safer if they decide to buy it. Polishing your car before you present it to anyone is also a great idea. Every potential buyer will be more interested once he sees a clean, shiny car in front of him. Of course, you should do this before you place the ad for your car and make it look great in the pictures you’ll post online for people interested in it to see.

Get it serviced and repair everything you can

ToolsThe first thing potential buyers will want to check out is if everything in the car is working. If there are many faults with your car chances are that they won’t be interested in it and that is why you should try to fix whatever you can before you put your car up for sale. Of course there is no point in spending too much money on repairing something that you are going to sell, but you can fix some of the most obvious flaws in order to make potential buyers interested in it. If you do this, you can always mention in to the buyers, that way they will know there is less investing for them to do which is definitely something that will make them happy. Think of any small repairs you can make that will be easy to notice. There are even some small repairs you can do yourself such as fixing the seat belt or replacing the alternator. So grab your handy power tools because there will be a lot of unscrewing and fixing and start increasing the value of your car.

Give all the necessary information

Probably you will want to list your car for sale online. Don’t just use one site, but find several of them where you can place your ad. Also, do not assume that the potential buyers know everything about your car. Every little detail you mention in your ad might be important. The more information you offer, higher are the chances that someone will be interested in your car. Mention any repairs that have been done recently and give any other positive information you can. You can also mention if the car was kept in a garage. If you give much positive information like that, you can expect buyers to be ready to pay more for your car. Be sure to make an effective car ad in order to bring more potential buyers and increase the price of your car. In addition to this, you should prepare all of the maintenance and service records as any buyer will feel safer when presented with these.
Be polite

When selling your car, chances are you will meet many different people who are interested in it. No matter how many time you show it to anyone, it is important to stay polite and friendly with any potential buyers. If they get to like you, there are higher chances that they will like your car as well. They will get the feeling that you have taken a proper car of the car and feel safer if they decide to buy it. By being polite you will be able to get the higher price for your car as well.
Remember all of these things if you are thinking about selling your car. Be sure to prepare it for the sale before you place the ad. Be friendly with anyone who comes to check it out and give them any information they ask for. If you do all this, the chances are higher that you will get a good price for your car.

* Written by Thomas James

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