Awesome Ideas For Lowering The Cost Of A New Car Purchase

Nissan Tiida 1.6Buying a new car can be an exceptionally expensive endeavor these days. Indeed, some of the latest models to make their way onto the market cost more than $30,000. So, you could probably all benefit from some ideas that might help you to limit spending. When all’s said and done, the concept of spending more money on an automobile that you did for the deposit on your home simply doesn’t make sense. With the right tactics and strategies though, it is more than possible to reduce the price and make some amazing savings. You just need to use your head and implement some of the suggestions on this page. For the best results, you should use them all in conjunction with each other.

Part exchange your old model

Presuming you currently drive a car that is less than ten years old, it might be possible to part exchange it at a good rate. It is often possible to reduce asking prices by around 20% if you have a model that still drives well. Cars that are over ten years old are usually of little interest to dealers. With that in mind, you might be better raising funds from a private sale if you’re model is no longer desirable. The money you gain should be put towards your budget for the new vehicle.

Look for finance deals

One of the best ways to get a beautiful new car without spending a fortune is to look for good finance deals. You can check car finance rates online or give relevant companies a call on the telephone to get some quotes. Also, the dealer you use might offer finance, and so you should look at the deals available. In most instances though, you will get lower rates by selecting specialist companies that are not associated with the dealership in question.


While getting the price of a brand new car down is quite difficult, there are many things you could negotiate for a better deal. For instance, it might be possible to get the vehicle with a full tank of fuel or free road tax for a couple of years. You can also insist the seller includes extras like new mats and seat covers. You’re not going to save thousands by doing that, but at least the deal will be a little more in your favour.

Offer a sob story

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a car is failing to get friendly with the dealer. Even car sellers are people, and they have emotions like empathy. So long as you don’t push things too far, giving them a subtle sob story could be a wise move. Perhaps your family has been left out of pocket recently due to dodgy tradesmen who took your money but did not complete the job? Something like that could encourage the dealer to offer better discounts and deals. If they like you, they will go the extra mile to help you out.

That should be enough information for you to lower the cost of your new car purchase this summer. Just make sure It is easy to get carried away and come home with something that is less than suitable. Keep your cool, negotiate, and everything should turn out well. See you back here soon!

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