What Portable Generator Should I Buy?


workers-with-portable-generatorAs you may know, a portable generator is an incredible tool to have around. Not only can you use it to work in remote places, they come in very handy when the electric power goes off at home. Buying a portable generator can be an intimidating process, especially if it is your first one. By being informed and becoming more organized, you can take control of it, and make a good decision. We will walk you through the process to help you make an informed decision, so you don’t make a mistake and buy an over-priced, under-performing model. There are some important factors to consider when shopping, and an uninformed shopper can easily buy the wrong one. That is why we put together this checklist, in case you are thinking, what portable generator should I buy?

Factors to consider before buying portable generators:

  • Determining the wattage needs is the first factor to consider. Just try and calculate your power needs. If you need to purchase portable generators, you need the transfer switch as well to power up the circuits of the home safely.
  • Consider your budget, power needs and convenience and select the type of generator you need.
  • Consider carefully home power issues. Locate your gas panel and electric service panel to target the potential problems prior to buying the portable generator.
  • Compare different portable generators as per their run-times, power outputs, and prices and have a look at the accessories, installation procedures and respective warranties before buying it.

What are portable generators?

Portable generators are versatile and can be easily used when there is an emergency power needed at home. In remote locations, portable generators have great use in recreational purposes such as camping and boating. Portable generators operate on gasoline, and it includes 120 volts of power outlet similar to those in the walls of the home. When the portable generator is running you can plug tools and appliances directly into the outlets. Portable generators differ in cost as they can be bought in hundred dollars and even in thousands of dollars depending on the features and capacity.

How to buy a portable generator?

Available in different shapes and sizes, portable generators are measured based on their powering output. The secret to buying the best portable generator is opting for a branded one. Generators are used as the secondary power, in case there is power disruption. This disruption can be caused due to bad weather, hurricanes, and heavy storms. Also used for outdoor activities like camping and picnicking, portable generators come in several wattage’s. Wattage is an important factor for it powers up the machine. Hence, before buying the portable generator you need to determine your wattage needs. Make a list of the appliances that need to be powered up.

Another very important factor to consider is the rated output of the generator and the maximum output. Maximum output is the power which will start the appliance, and rated output is the power required to sustain the wattage. There are various stores that sell branded generators and also pressure washers. Get the ballpark prices of the different models of portable generators as you need to consider the budget too. Once you decide the budget and the model, you need to choose the suitable store after comparing the prices of portable generators online.

A portable generator is very easy to set up. Just ensure that the exhaust port is pointed away from the house. Never install them inside the building, below the window, or towards the opening of the house as it produces carbon monoxide. Get hold of the manual transfer switch in case the electric home appliances need to be powered up.

Read some reviews:

I heard someone say once, “You have the whole internet at your fingertips. There’s no reason to be uninformed.” Of course, this is true, not only for portable generators, but for any shopping, or how-to advice. Before you buy anything these days it is highly recommended that you read some reviews online.

Thank you for reading, and good luck finding the right one for your needs.


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