How To Spot A Dodgy Car Seller


Toyota IQ 2009 Auto ShowWe’ve all heard the horror stories about people spending thousands of pounds on a new car only to discover it isn’t quite as the seller described. That is the last thing you want to happen to you, and so we thought today might be a good time to write a post containing some tips that will help you to get a good deal. At the end of the day, there are always going to be a few unscrupulous sellers on the private market. So, you need to keep your wits and raise any issues before handing over your savings.

Of course, the vast majority of sellers are honest and reliable. Inchcape Toyota and similar used car specialists would never try to pull the wool over your eyes. As we just said, it’s usually private sellers you have to watch out for. With that in mind, spend a few minutes reading through all the advice on this page, and you should find yourself in a better position to get things right.

Discrepancies between the advert and the car.

Sure, it is possible that some sellers will accidentally include inaccurate details in advertisements for their cars. That is bound to happen from time to time, and it can be put down to human error. However, some sellers will do this on purpose to get you interested, and to ensure they get as many viewings as possible. Considering that, you should always walk away if you notice the real details of the car are not those described in the ad.

Not willing to allow a test drive.

You should never purchase a car without first taking it for a test drive. That is a basic rule that everyone needs to follow. Ideally, you’ll want to take a trained mechanic along for your viewings and let them drive the car. Unless the mechanic is a complete idiot, they should be able to spot any issues or problems. If the seller does not allow you to take a test drive, they almost certainly have something to hide.

Read reviews online.

If you plan to buy from an individual or company that sells a lot of cars, you will find lots of reviews and testimonials online from previous buyers. You should read through them all, paying special attention to any negative ones. Presuming you find reports the seller has lied or been dishonest in the past, you shouldn’t give them the time of day. As the old saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots.

Lack of paperwork.

All cars should come with a logbook, and details of their service history. If you turn up to view a vehicle and this paperwork is not made available to you that’s a good sign there is something wrong with the car.

You should now understand some of the best techniques for spotting a dodgy car seller. We hope learning from the information on this page will help you to avoid making bad choices in the future.

Good luck finding a decent second-hand car!

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