Mercedes-Benz or BMW…Which One Should You Choose?

hand drawn BMW logoThe history of motoring is full of great rivalries. There’s Prost versus Senna or Hill versus Clark. That trend runs all the way down to the Hamilton-Rosberg battle that we see today. These rivalries help us to get involved on an emotional level.

The same is true between the manufacturers. Everyone in America knows about the mutual hatred between Ford and General Motors. Australians have pitched battles over the Ford-Holden rivalry. In Germany, the rivalry is between BMW and Mercedes-Benz. You can read the history of this epic rivalry elsewhere. What’s important to note is that the two marques love to pit their models against one another. That might leave the average consumer wondering which is best. Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

BMW 1-Series or Mercedes-Benz A-Class?

Both of these models have seen redevelopments over the past few years. At first, they were a bit of a joke. That’s truest of the egg-shaped original A-Class. Nowadays, they’re both premium hatchbacks at the top end of the market. The Mercedes is a better-looking car than the boring BMW. Neither car is remarkable for fuel efficiency. If you want performance, the BMW is better all-round. The key difference is the price, where the Mercedes has a sizeable advantage. On the road, we’d just edge in favour of the Silver Arrow.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class or BMW 5-Series?

Mercedes Benz LogoThese two companies dominate the high-end estate market. Executives love them both. They’re well-matched in almost every area – it’s hard to prise them apart. They’re both unexceptional from a design perspective, which is unfortunate. They’re both roomy and comfortable, with good performance. The BMW is perhaps a touch easier to drive, so we’d go for the 5-Series.

BMW i8 or Mercedes-Benz SLK?

The new i8 is BMW’s attempt to crack the coupe market. Their previous efforts in this area are mixed, with ugly offerings aplenty. The i8 is available soon at and looks like a leap forward. BMW have styled it like a supercar, so it’s guaranteed to turn heads. It’s also excellent from a performance point of view. As a concept, the i8 is extraordinary. The SLK has long been the standard bearer for coupe quality. There’s nothing wrong with the Mercedes, but the new i8 blows it out of the water. To be clear – no SLK owner will ever have their vehicle disappoint them. We just think the i8 is worth taking a chance with nowadays.

Mercedes-Benz ML or BMW X5?

Here are two misguided ventures. The luxury SUV market is a notorious graveyard for great companies. We’re not going to be diplomatic here. Neither BMW or Mercedes got their cars right in this area. Save your time and get a Range Rover!

Neither manufacturer is perfect, and they’ve both got their strong points in different areas. A lot of it comes down to the personality of the driver. You may prefer BMWs; you may prefer Mercedes – whatever. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we think. You make the right decision for yourself – just steer clear of those SUVs!
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