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Brands Hatch Track Day December 17thUnless you have been living under a rock, you will know that one of the best-selling small hatchback cars around the world is the Mini Hatch! The current generation of Minis are made by BMW, who have owned the brand and have built this iconic vehicle since 2001.

You would be hard pressed to travel along any roads in your local area and not come across a Mini, such is the popularity of these cars!

Are you thinking of buying a Mini yourself? If so, you will have doubtless performed some research into the car. But if you are still undecided, let me help you out by telling you the pros and cons of Mini ownership.

Pro: you can transport passengers

One of the bugbears about the “original” Mini was that room inside the cabin was extremely limited. But with today’s Mini, the bigger and longer cars produced mean that you can comfortably seat three passengers, or even four if they are small or remarkably slender!

You might look at a Mini from the outside and think that there is no chance you’d be able to seat three average-sized adult passengers, but let me tell you that the cabin space is deceptively big!

Con: boot space is limited

When you produce a small car such as the Mini, you have to make certain sacrifices or compromises where space is concerned.

Given that the vast majority of Mini owners would prefer to carry passengers than a massive boot full of cargo, BMW have decided to limit the boot space.

The boot capacity in the standard Mini is just 211 litres, but the guys over at are keen to point out that the Mini Countryman offers 350 litres of boot space. And, don’t forget that you can also fold the rear seats down for extra cargo space!

Pro: headroom is good

I’ve sat inside hundreds of different cars over the years, and the one thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that some car manufacturers believe certain models should only be aimed at short people!

The one thing I can confidently tell you is that the Mini is suitable for anyone of standard height! I personally am 5 foot 10-inches in height, and I can get in and out of Mini cars with no issue. The doors are quite wide, so if you are considerably taller than me, you could always “slide” into your Mini!

Con: parts can sometimes be expensive

One of the disadvantages of Mini maintenance is that replacement parts can sometimes be expensive; after all, the car is built by BMW!

But don’t let that fact detract you from buying one, because there are plenty of online and offline sources for Mini spare parts, and if you want to buy a used Mini, you don’t necessarily have to get it maintained by a franchised main Mini dealer.

Companies such as Unipart sell parts for the Mini that are considerably cheaper than main dealer prices, yet are of equal quality. In fact, some parts are manufactured by the same firms that produce parts for Mini themselves!

Photo by Tony Lanciabeta.


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