Make a Pretty Penny on Your Ugly Junker


Junkers, at first appearance, seem to be worthy only of being turned into scrap metal at the local dump. Looking past the rust and the outdated technologies (window cranks!), owners can actually profit from their forgotten junkers. All it takes is a basic clean-up and a little bargaining know-how.

If you’re hoping to get a junker off your hands and make a pretty penny, consider giving the suggestions detailed below a try:

The Magic Of Detailing

Perhaps you don’t have the time or expertise to wash, paint or fix up your vehicle. Not a problem! There are detailing specialists who will be happy to make your car look like it just came off the lot. Depending on the age of your junker, you may need to locate a specialized detailing service familiar with making ‘vintage’ cars look presentable. The professionals working on your vehicle may need to order unique parts or other materials that are no longer available on the general market. But for the right car, this is worth the effort — buyers browsing used cars for sale at, eBay and Craigslist want to see spruced up vehicles, not mounds of dirt!

Learn To Bargain

Now that your car is in tip-top shape (or, at least, as tip-top as a worn out vehicle can get), it’s time to put it up for sale! While the most common approach to selling a junker involves the help of a local auto dealer, a little marketing know-how may be enough for your to sell the car on your own, and keep a larger share of the profit to yourself! But to accomplish this, you will need to know how to think, act, and most importantly, talk like a car salesperson. And this means driving a hard bargain!

A successful used car sale is determined long before the seller and buyer ever come into contact. First, the person putting the vehicle up for sale needs to conduct a little background research surrounding the condition of the car, and, more importantly, its Bluebook price. From there, simple negotiating tactics can work wonders. These include presenting a calm demeanor, persisting in the aftermath of lowball offers and approaching the haggling process with enthusiasm and composure.

Play it cool and you get to keep the cash.

Sell Your Car For Parts

Even the most hopeless automobile is still usually worth more than a trip to the local dump. If you don’t expect to make any money selling your car as is, you can still earn a little cash and do Mother Nature a huge favor by salvaging reusable parts. There are two main routes to this approach: selling the entire car to an automotive junkyard (where the buyer will take care of the dismantling process) or you can extract reusable parts on your own. Either way, you have the potential to wind up with a nice wad of cash for minimal efforts!

Your junker might be an eye sore and it might not run as well as it once did. But that doesn’t mean it needs to spend an eternity on concrete blocks in your backyard or languishing in some dump. By putting even a small amount of effort into your old car, you can set yourself up to earn a decent amount which can then be put into a shiny new vehicle!

Written by Peter Snowden.
Pete is a business writer from the Midwest who rebuilds rare cars on the weekends.


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