Texting and Driving Accidents: Mobile Apps that Save Lives


How often have you driven down the highway and observed a fellow motorist driving slower than traffic and slowly swerving in and out of lanes? That kind of driving behavior could be mistaken as drunk driving, but upon passing (at a safe distance) you notice the driver keeps looking up from his lap; it can be assumed that he is texting while driving which is a big “no-no” on our roadways, (not to mention illegal in some states) but still continues to happen on a daily basis. Texting while driving affects a driver in the same way that alcohol affects a driver, as texting and driving can delay reaction time, which is vital in the event of an accident or in preventing one. According to US Government Website for Distracted Driving, text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted, and according to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration, about 1 in 5 car accidents involve at least one driver who was distracted ( most likely by a cell phone). The statistics do not lie. Texting while driving is careless, dangerous, and is the number one cause of thousands of otherwise preventable accidents.

Safe Texting Apps for the Driver Who “Must” Text

Texting while driving is banned in 41 states, but more often than not, drivers still fail to follow the law. Often times it is hard to enforce, unless an accident report shows that the driver was texting while driving. So how do we keep drivers from the texting temptation? Some mobile apps have been designed to prevent drivers from texting while driving.

TextNoMore: This free app is designed to “make the commitment to save lives by ending deadly cell phone distractions while driving and texting”. The app rewards drivers/users with free “Groupon” like rewards for not texting while driving, such as free coffee or discounts to restaurants and other businesses who participate in the TextNoMore campaign. Drivers who activate the app BEFORE driving will be unable to text while driving, as the app shuts down all notifications, holds incoming texts and prevents outgoing texts. Incoming calls can be received through a hands free device. By activating the app, drivers are putting their driving first and ignoring their phone until later.

DriveSafe.ly: This free mobile app allows drivers to respond to texts and e-mails by keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. The app reads text messages out loud in real time, has a customizable auto-responder, reduces distracted driving, and is easy to set up.

While the safest way to avoid distractions while driving means putting your phone out of reach, eliminating noisy distractions, and having self-control and commitment to making your driving a number one priority, some mobile apps may be a safer option for drivers who are simply unable to “disconnect” from the outside world while driving.
Choosing to be a safer driver who pays attention to the road and not your phone is not only saving your own life, but also preventing accidents that could take the lives of other motorists. Resist the urge to text and drive. There’s no text message that can’t be put on hold until a safer time. Choose to respond to the road, not a text message!

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