Car Safety Tips Your Parents Didn’t Teach You


Safety on the road starts with safe driving habits learned early on. We rely on our parents to teach us the basics of driving, but we are so anxious to get on the road that we may fail to pay much attention to other cautionary advice.

Learning how to become a more responsible driver will give you more confidence in your own driving abilities. This can contribute to a lower likelihood that you will experience a car accident.

Merge With Caution

Merging is a difficult driving proposition- a driver must speed up enough to meet the oncoming flow of traffic without putting himself or herself in the position to be cut off or rear-ended by another driver. This is certainly something that takes practice, particularly if the road in question has a great deal of traffic at certain periods of the day. It’s equally challenging when the area features “yield to merge” locations. Get extra practice merging, and always use the turn signal to indicate that you’re moving over. The more familiar you are with the size of your vehicle, the more clear you’ll be about exactly where you have spaces to move into.

Rural Areas Can Be Just As Dangerous

There’s a perception that rural areas are safer to drive in, but this isn’t always the case. When people are more familiar with the roads they travel on often, they sometimes don’t pay as close attention. In addition to that, rural areas with more machinery, and trucks making their way cross country, or even farm equipment can cause sudden stalls in traffic. Every area is unique, but all should be approached with a baseline level of caution.

Roadside Assistance Can Save You

Beyond the hassle of having to deal with last-minute car problems, an unexpected maintenance issue or shutdown can leave you in a dangerous area. Especially if you’re traveling alone, this can expose you to increased risk of crime. Stay safe and inside the vehicle if you’re able to, and contact roadside assistance right away. The extra money for such a program is well invested, because it can get you going safely quickly and can prove its value in just one incident. Never underestimate the importance of carrying some form of roadside assistance.

Use Alternative Routes with Caution

Sometimes it seems like taking an alternate route to your destination is a great way to save time. In rush hour or areas known for heavy traffic, however, these areas can be even more dangerous. With less traffic and generally less lighting and signage, it can be risky to enter a road that you’re not familiar with. Sometimes, aggravated drivers will exit the main route and hit the side roads to save some time, and they might bring their aggressive driving tactics along as well. With less police presence, as well, these roads can leave you stranded along the side of a road you’re not comfortable with.

Even if you’ve been driving some time, accidents can and will still occur. Use safety and caution at all times to reduce your chances of a car accident. Keep in mind everything that you have learned from your parents’ guidance and personal driving experience, and remember that it is always a good time to add new skills to your driving repertoire.

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