Getting To Grips With The Road As A Novice Driver

If you’ve recently passed your test and got your driving licence, well done; driving will open up an array of opportunities and give you plenty of freedom and chances for adventure. However, many new drivers are nervous to get out and about on the road, and this can limit the places they choose to go and how much they utilise their license. While caution is always a positive part of driving; it’s worth investing some time and effort into building your confidence as a driver so that you can get to grips with the open road, make better decisions, and ensure that you’re always safe behind the wheel of the car.

The more you practice, the quicker you’ll be able to understand the roads and the world will begin opening up to you more and more. You can’t change other people’s driving habits, but you can focus on your own to ensure that you’re being responsible and careful, and are an asset rather than a hindrance to other road users. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for new drivers who want to improve their skills further so that they have a long and enjoyable life ahead, driving wherever and whenever they want to.

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Get To Know Your Car

As a new driver; you may have already bought, or are looking to buy your first car. Make sure you’re given the opportunity to test drive the vehicle so that you can work out if you’re comfortable, can grow in confidence with the car, and how easily you can control everything. Size and maneuverability are both factors that will impact your abilities to drive it as a novice, so do your research online and head out to look at used car sales companies, who will be able to assist you in your decision making. Once you’ve driven your car home; park up and go through where everything is a few times. Adjust your seat and mirrors to suit your height, vision, and comfort, and make sure that your signalling can become second nature. As you start driving; learn how quickly the car responds, how long it takes before your fuel runs low, and read-up on how to best maintain your vehicle into the future.

Start Locally, Before Moving Further Afield

There’s no need to get straight onto a busy or congested motorway; start around your local streets and roads so that everything is familiar and there will be no sudden or unexpected turns or bumps. Learn to drive in your area at both peak times like rush hour, and quieter times, when you can learn the speed limits and the majority of the road signs. Each time you go out to practice; you can go a little further until you’re confident enough to drive wherever you want at any time. Make sure that you’re awake and alert at all times, and build confidence steadily; there’s no point in rushing as you may cause an accident and you’ll be back to square one. Remember that you’ve already passed your test, so you’re competent enough to be out there in your car, but your journey as a driver has only just begun.


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