Your Next Jeep Might be an Electric Scooter

If you are shopping for a Jeep model, an electric scooter has joined the product line. As improbable as that may sound, it is happening thanks to a partnership between Jeep and Razor.

Razor, a leader in the scooter industry, developed the Jeep RX200 in collaboration with the iconic off-road brand. Like many Jeep products, this one is “trail rated,” which is an internal rating Jeep assigns to many of its models.

Jeep RX200
The Jeep RX200 by Razor.

Jeep RX200 Availability

The Jeep RX200 retails for $499 and is available only at This means you’re not likely to find one at your favorite Jeep dealership unless the dealer ordered some for display. In any case, the RX200 makes a statement that Jeep’s electrified efforts are going places and in ways we have not seen before.

Jeep says the RX200 is designed to navigate difficult, off-road topography with its robust 8-inch, air-filled, pneumatic tires. It reaches a top speed of over 12 mph. The RX200 is constructed with a broad and comfortable standing platform along with riser-style handlebars that it says supply “a top-of-the-line riding experience.” The 200-watt electric motor supplies copious amounts of torque and is motivated by a 24-volt battery system. As a result, the RX200 travels for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. This product is recommended for adults only.

Jeep Licensing, Marketing, and Social Media Promotion

Jim Wagner, president of Razor Scooter, said, “Razor is always looking for creative ways to excite our riders and provide an exhilarating adventure. We are thrilled to collaborate with the iconic Jeep brand to create the RX200, which is powerful enough for off-road capability to go explore the outdoors.”

“Our collaboration with Razor to introduce its new electric scooter is a natural extension for the Jeep brand’s licensing portfolio,” said Kim Adams House, head of licensing and merchandising – all brands for Stellantis. “With its rugged Jeep brand style-and-feel attributes, the Jeep RX200 is made for adventure, capturing the spirit of the brand’s core DNA to go anywhere and do anything.”

Notably, RX200 marketing will be handled by both companies, with cross-promotional efforts in play. This will include collaboration across social media platforms.

Razor and Jeep Histories

Razor is a relatively new brand, launched in 2000 with the kick scooter. Since then, the company has become a recognized name, serving customers young and old alike. The Jeep RX200 is part of Razor’s lineup of adult electric scooters, which includes the recently launched C25, E300 HD, EcoSmart SUP, EcoSmart Metro HD, and E Prime III. The electric scooters join other Razor products, including kick scooters, hoverboards, crazy carts, and four-wheelers.

As for the Jeep brand, it needs no introduction. Founded in 1941, Jeep models originally served the U.S. Army during the Second World War. After the hostilities ceased, Jeeps were made for public consumption. The brand has evolved through the years and has seen numerous owners. Currently, Jeep is a Fiat Chrysler brand under the Stellantis entity.

The RX200 aligns with Jeep’s electrification aspirations. In recent years, Jeep has brought a Wrangler plug-in hybrid electric model to the market. That 4xe model now includes a Grand Cherokee variant. Both models are likely candidates for RX200 marketing.

The Challenge of Difficult Terrain

Despite the unusual collaboration, we are not sure that an electric scooter is worthy of Jeep’s internal trail rating recognition. Certainly, it takes special skill to operate a scooter on pavement, let alone on gravel and sand. The kinds of trails that a Wrangler and Grand Cherokee travel when off-roading is challenging enough and are typically suitable for all-terrain vehicles. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the RX200 going places where few dare to go with the ideal equipment.

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