Genesis Electrified GV70 Overview

A full-electric version of the gas-powered GV70 SUV debuts.

The Genesis brand continues its meteoritic growth, due in large part to supplying models that are elegant, cutting edge, and relatively affordable. Since launching in the U.S. for the 2017 model year, we’ve seen a succession of sedans and utility vehicles arrive in showrooms.

Those initial gas-powered models have since been joined by full-electric versions of the G80 midsize sedan and the GV70 compact SUV. What’s especially noteworthy about the electric duo is that they are entirely based on the original. This means Genesis did not craft all-new shells. Instead, the company created an EV platform to underpin the vehicles. That platform also supports the electric-only GV60 SUV.

As of this writing, we are test-driving the Genesis Electrified GV70. That review can be found here. In the meantime, we offer an overview of the electric model.

Genesis Electrified GV70

Electrified GV70 Power and Performance

The Genesis Electrified GV70 draws its power from the same electric powertrain found in the all-electric GV60, ensuring a dynamic driving experience. With a 77.4-kWh battery pack and two electric motors—one on each axle—this SUV offers a commanding 429 horsepower and a whopping 516 pound-feet of torque. Engaging the Boost mode temporarily increases performance to 483 horsepower, delivering impressive acceleration.

The Electrified GV70 offers a 236-mile range. Further, with a rapid charger connection, this EV can go from 10-percent capacity to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. As the national recharging network develops, owners will find more places for a quick charger, bringing long distance EV travel within reach.

Comfortable Ride and Interior

When it comes to comfort, the Electrified GV70 shines. Equipped with a standard adaptive suspension and a camera system that scans the road ahead, it effortlessly adjusts to uneven surfaces, providing a smooth and connected ride. The interior features a thoughtfully designed cabin with excellent ergonomics. The infotainment control knob is easy to use, and the available 14.5-inch touchscreen offers seamless integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Prestige trim adds luxurious elements such as upgraded leather upholstery, a microfiber suede headliner, and a 15-speaker Lexicon sound system.

Advanced Technology and Safety Features

Genesis prioritizes cutting-edge technology and safety in the Electrified GV70. Both trim levels—Advanced AWD and Prestige AWD—come generously equipped with driver-assist aids, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot warning and intervention, rear cross-traffic warning, and more. The 14.5-inch touchscreen serves as the central hub for infotainment, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. The Prestige trim elevates the experience with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, a head-up display, and a superior Lexicon sound system.

Cargo Space and Practicality

The Electrified GV70 offers practicality alongside its performance and luxury. With nearly identical cargo space to its gas-powered counterpart, this electric SUV provides 28.7 cubic feet of space behind the second row, expandable to 56.5 cubic feet with the seats folded down. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a grocery run, the GV70 accommodates your needs with ease.

Trim Choices

Genesis offers the 2023 Electrified GV70 in Advanced ($66,425) and Prestige ($73,225) trims (or grades). Most color choices add $575 or $1,500 to the cost. Add another $1,125 to cover the freight cost.

Special Note

The Electrified GV70 will only be sold at select Genesis retailers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin due to extremely limited availability. Please contact your Genesis retailer for details.

Electrified GV70 Considerations

The Genesis Electrified GV70 is a luxury electric SUV that seamlessly combines style, power, and advanced technology. With its impressive electric powertrain, comfortable ride, well-appointed interior, and comprehensive safety features, the Electrified GV70 offers an amazing driving experience. Genesis demonstrates its commitment to innovation and driving excellence through this exceptional vehicle.

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