Bedazzled by the 2023 Genesis GV60 EV!

The Genesis marque launched in 2015 and within a few years, it had three sedans for consideration. Soon thereafter, a succession of utility vehicles followed, including its latest model, the GV60. Unlike the others, the Genesis GV60 is electric only. Notably, it is the start of something new for Hyundai’s luxury brand and we like the direction this vehicle is taking Genesis.

2023 Genesis GV60 front
Introducing the 2023 Genesis GV60 EV.

Highlights of the All-New 2023 Genesis GV60

As promised when the brand launched, Genesis now has six model lines. Three sedans are followed by three utility vehicles and the last one is all-electric. However, we do not expect Genesis to hold tight for long. Indeed, an all-electric version of the G80 sedan arrives this fall. Likely, we’ll see the rest of the Genesis line gradually transition to EVs, once again overhauling this nascent luxury make.

The GV60 is a compact model and the smallest of the trio of Genesis utility vehicles. It comes with standard all-wheel drive, a powerful all-electric drivetrain, and is offered in two trims. With a starting price of $58,890 and the upgraded model costing $9,000 more, the GV60 does not come cheap. That said, a $7,500 federal tax credit is available, and not having to pay at least $5 per gallon for gasoline is another bonus.

Exterior Highlights

Genesis could have chosen another design language for its GV60 given that it is an electric vehicle. Then again, the company did not stay put. Instead, this EV’s design finds a middle ground, by incorporating Genesis’ lighting elements front and back and adding a clamshell hood and rear haunches. The GV60 may be an SUV, but it can just as easily be mistaken for a hatchback as it sits lower to the ground than the traditional crossover.

Importantly, Genesis maintained some semblance of a grille on the front fascia. By no means is it functional – it doesn’t need to be – but its gaping maw complements this marque’s persona. Where the Tesla Model Y supplies a minimal presentation, the GV60’s face is bold as its flowing roof and choice of wheels. Moreover, where Tesla can count on its growing base of customers with its unremarkable design, Genesis must win them and do so by delivering a thoroughly attractive model. The automaker scored well in that department.

There are not many differences between the two grades exterior design-wise. Standard 20-inch alloy wheels give way to 21-inch alloy wheels on the Performance grade. We like the dark hyper silver 3D layered multi-spoke design on the Advanced trim. But we love the Sputtering Technical Deconstruction 5-spoke wheels on the Performance model. It is hard to describe them other than to say that they are a metallic delight.

The remaining exterior features are common to both grades. These include a “Vision Roof” with a power shade. Vision is Genesis’ terminology for panoramic. The roof doesn’t open, but it supplies an excellent view and brightens the cabin.

Other features include a power hands-free liftgate with automatic opening, power-folding side mirrors, power-retractable door handles, and Genesis logo puddle lamps. Roof rails and rain-sensing wipers complete the list of exterior features.

Interior Highlights

The GV60 may be small-scale on the outside, but it is surprisingly roomy on the inside. Then again, we shouldn’t be too amazed as the absent drivetrain hump frees up legroom. The front row has the requisite bucket seats, separated by a floating console. That console features a beautiful orb that flips over to reveal the transmission shifter when the ignition is pressed. It is a bit gimmick, but it is also difficult to ignore. And that’s the point – Genesis wants shoppers to see beyond electrification to accentuate its technological prowess.

The fold-down back seat increases the cargo capabilities accordingly. It supplies useful room for a week away for two. Otherwise, the rear seat holds two with ease and three in a pinch. Again, the absent hump makes a difference even if the hip room is tight for three.

2023 Genesis GV60 interior

Genesis covers the seats in leather with high-end Nappa leather reserved for the Performance trim. Aluminum trim pieces are found throughout the cabin, including knurled switches that give this model a distinctive feel. The performance trim comes with a microfiber suede headliner and pillars. Imitation leather wraps the instrument panel and door inlays. A driver seat with power cushion extension is standard, while a power bolster and ergo motion come with the Performance model. The latter feature is seat massaging controlled by the panel settings.

Heated and ventilated front seats come standard; heated rear seats are found with the top grade. Other standard equipment includes a heated power tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel, manual rear door shades, a cargo cover, and dual-zone climate control. Adjustable ambient lighting and a proximity key with a push-button start come standard. Alloy pedals are included with the Performance grade.

Safety Equipment

There is no difference in safety equipment between the two grades. What is right for one is right for the other.

Besides a suite of eight airbags, a rearview camera with dynamic guidelines, and a tire pressure monitoring system, the GV60 comes with a host of driver-assist safety technologies.

Genesis equips this model with forward collision avoidance assist, lane keep assist, lane following assist, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic and collision-avoidance alert. High beam assist, driver attention warning, and speed limit assist come standard.

Genesis also equips this model with adaptive cruise control with full stop and go, parking distance warning, and remote parking assist. A legion of safety features to help enhance the driving experience.

Tech Features

Just as there are no equipment differences with safety features, Genesis does likewise with its in-cabin technologies.

For starters, this model features a pair of 12.3-inch screens that attach to seamlessly form an oversized panel. To the left is the color instrument cluster display. To the right is a high-definition screen with navigation and infotainment controls.

The list of features is certainly impressive. These include a head-up display, a wireless device charger, and four USB charging ports. A Bang & Olufsen audio system with 17 speakers is included. HD Radio, SatelliteXM radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth are included.

One feature or should we say two that is truly amazing is the Face Connect and Fingerprint Authentication System. With both, you need to permit the vehicle to store biometric data. You do not have to activate either, but if you do, you can effectively drive away without the key fob.

Face Connect utilizes a camera embedded in the driver’s door frame to sense you. When it “recognizes” you, the GV60 unlocks. Go one step further with the authentication system that allows the driver to activate the ignition system and drive off once the index finger is read. It is a system that we haven’t seen before. But it also is something most likely to roll out in the coming years across the industry.

2023 Genesis GV60 frunk

Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

What replaces the internal combustion engine in an electric vehicle? Typically, one or more electric motors and a single-speed transmission. In the case of the genesis GV60, a pair of electric motors is utilized. The first motor turns the front axle. The second motor spins the rear axle. Therefore, this model comes with standard all-wheel drive.

The standard Advanced trim comes with a 74 kW motor up front and a 160 kW motor at the rear. The Performance grade utilizes a pair of 160 kW electric motors front and back. The power difference between the two is noteworthy, although even the standard grade delivers a robust 314 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque. Move up to the Performance model and this one throws down 429 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

The GV60 connects to home, 240-volt, and quick-charge stations. The posted range for the two trims is 248 miles for the Advanced and 236 miles for the Performance grade. Both are within the posted range of what most of today’s EVs deliver.

On the Road

The Genesis GV60 is fast, no doubt about it. Electric vehicles supply instantaneous power with no lag evident. This is one feature that has the attention of performance enthusiasts and could very well serve as a selling point to convert gas and diesel owners.

The GV60’s lower stance works well for it. This model is balanced with power traveling between the front and back wheels, most noticeably on twisty roads. Normal, Eco, and Sport modes deliver some differences in vehicle behavior, including weighted handling.

2023 Genesis GV60 profile

Step on the accelerator and the GV60 picks up speed with ease. Our test Performance model was very fast and even more so with boost mode activated. What is the boost feature? Well, it is a button on the base of the steering wheel that when pressed suddenly rockets this vehicle forward, delivering an astounding 483 horsepower for 10 seconds. Notably, a countdown clock on the dashboard shows when it is activated and for how long. The burst of speed will have heads snapping back as the G forces kick in. We’ve seen a published 0-60 mph time of just 3.4 seconds for this vehicle and are not surprised.

The GV60 rides comfortably and delivers firm braking to bring this model to a certain stop. You should know that it also has one-pedal driving action. This means that the SUV promptly slows down and gradually stops when taking the foot off the accelerator. Thus, wear and tear on the brakes is minimized, while regenerative braking through the pedal supplies kinetic energy to help replenish the battery.

Competitive Set

The Genesis GV60 is like the Kia EV6 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5. All three share a common modular platform. Its direct competitor, though, is the Tesla Model Y. A handful of competitors are on the way, but for now, the pickings in this segment are modest. Standard models in this segment include the Cadillac XT4, Lexus NX, and the Volvo XC40.

Genesis GV60 Considerations

We believe the GV60 Genesis supplies a thoroughly competent model. The exterior styling caught our attention, while the interior wowed us with its refinement and advanced technologies.

On the road, the GV60 is the boss. In Performance guise, it is the fastest Genesis available. If the GV60 portends where the brand is headed, we see a bright future for the label. Notably, we have driven each Genesis model and nothing has disappointed us. An all-electric sports car would be the cherry on top, a model not promised, but a worthy entry to expand the Genesis model range.

2023 Genesis GV60 rear

2023 Genesis GV60 Specifications

Genesis 2023 GV60
Segment Compact Luxury SUV
Price Range $58,895 to $67,895
Destination Charge $1,090
Standard Motors 74 kW/160 kW front and 160 kW rear
Horsepower 314/429 hp
Torque (lb.-ft.) 446/516 lb.-ft.
Transmission Single-speed automatic
Seating 5
Curb Weight (pounds) 4,769 to 4,890 lbs.
Wheelbase (inches) 114.2
Length (inches) 177.8
Width (inches) 74.4
Height (inches) 62.4
Headroom (f,r…inches) 39.0 / 38.1
Legroom (f,r…inches) 42.3 / 37.6
Shoulder room (f,r…inches) 57.5 / 55.9
Hip room (f,r…inches) NR / NR
Storage (cubic feet) 24.0 / 54.7
Gross combined weight rating (pounds) NR
Towing (pounds) 2,000
Payload (pounds) NR
Fuel electric
Fuel Tank N/A
EPA Fuel MPGe (city/highway/combined) 103/86/95; 97/82/90
Manufacturing Plant Ulsan, South Korea

Specifications supplied by the manufacturer.

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