Unveiling the Best of 2024: NACTOY Award Winners Announced

After a comprehensive year-long evaluation and selection process, the North American Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle of the Year™ (NACTOY) awards for 2024 have been announced. The event, taking place at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac and co-hosted by the Detroit Auto Dealers Association and Automotive Press Association, represents a significant milestone in the automotive industry. These awards, which highlight the most outstanding vehicles of the year, reflect the rigorous testing and expert judgment of industry professionals.


Toyota Prius & Prius Prime: Revolutionizing the Car Category

Amidst the fierce competition from a list that started with 52 vehicles, the Toyota Prius & Prius Prime emerged as the dazzling stars of the show, clinching the title of North American Car of the Year™. These vehicles, more than just cars, symbolize a leap into the future of automotive design and eco-friendly innovation.

Matt DeLorenzo from tightwadgarage.com lavished praise on them, saying, “The Toyota Prius and Prius Prime are not just handsomely styled hatchbacks, they represent the future of the automobile by blending traditional internal combustion with electric drivetrains.” He was particularly impressed by the Prius Prime’s exceptional electric range.

John Voelcker, a voice of authority in the automotive world, added a dash of admiration, stating, “The Toyota Prius was the butt of jokes for its looks so long that the new one is unrecognizable–and stunningly attractive.” He underscored their unyielding fuel efficiency and the Prime’s expanded EV range, foreseeing a wave of new enthusiasts for this year’s Prius.

2023 Toyota Prius front end
Toyota Prius

Ford Super Duty: A Colossus in the Truck Realm

In the truck segment, the Ford Super Duty reigned supreme, sweeping the North American Truck of the Year™ award with its formidable blend of strength and elegance.

Jack R. Nerad, a luminary among automotive journalists, highlighted its dominance, remarking, “The big Super Duty is remarkably comfortable and easy to drive.”

Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press captured its essence perfectly, stating, “Ford’s F-series Super Duty pickups embody the concept ‘a workhorse and a show horse.'” He lauded its dual capacity to handle rugged tasks with ease and provide a sanctuary of comfort, all while being decked out with cutting-edge technology.

Ford Super Duty
Ford Super Duty

Kia EV9: A Trailblazer in the Utility Vehicle Sphere

The Kia EV9, a beacon of innovation in the utility vehicle category, seized the spotlight as the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year™.

John Voelcker’s words painted a vivid picture of its impact, “The Kia EV9 offers a genuine 3-row configuration in a battery-electic SUV at a price significantly below the six-figure tab for all other 3-row electric SUVs.” His commentary also shone a light on its captivating design and upcoming U.S. production.

John McElroy from Autoline summed up the EV9’s disruption of the status quo, asserting, “The Kia EV9 should scare the stuffing out of other mass market brands.”

Preview Kia EV9

NACTOY: A Symphony of Automotive Mastery

Following the conclusion of the 2024 NACTOY awards, the event has made a notable impact on the automotive industry. The selected winners, determined by a panel of 50 automotive journalists, showcase significant achievements in design, functionality, and technology. The accuracy of the results, ensured by Deloitte LLP, highlights both the current trends and potential future developments in the automotive sector. The NACTOY awards, in recognizing these achievements, underscore the ongoing evolution and improvement in car, truck, and utility vehicle design and engineering.

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