Volvo Cars’ Global Sales Achieve New Heights in 2023

Information in this article is based on a press release distributed by Volvo.

In a significant development, Volvo Cars has set a new benchmark in its sales history, selling 708,716 vehicles worldwide in 2023. This represents a 15 percent increase compared to the previous year, indicating a notable expansion in the company’s global market presence.

Volvo XC60 Recharge T8, Silver Dawn
Volvo XC60 Recharge T8, Silver Dawn

The Rise of Electrified Vehicles

A prominent aspect of Volvo’s sales growth is its increased focus on electrified vehicles. The company reported a surge in the sale of fully electric vehicles, with 113,419 units sold in 2023, marking a substantial 70 percent increase from 2022. Furthermore, the sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles also saw an uptick, totaling 152,561 units, a 10 percent rise from the previous year. Notably, fully electric vehicles comprised 16 percent of Volvo’s total global sales in 2023.

Sales Performance Across Regions

December 2023 saw Volvo Cars selling 76,015 vehicles globally, a 5 percent increase over the same month in 2022.

In Europe, Volvo’s sales figures reached 294,794 vehicles in 2023, showing a 19 percent rise from the previous year. Volvo’s Recharge lineup, consisting of electric and plug-in hybrid models, accounted for 59 percent of these European sales.

Volvo’s Market in the United States

The United States market demonstrated a positive reception to Volvo’s range, with the company selling 128,701 cars in 2023. This number indicates a 26 percent increase from 2022. The Recharge models, in particular, experienced a 28 percent increase in sales, representing 28 percent of all Volvo cars sold in the U.S. during the year.

Sales Trends in China

In China, Volvo Cars observed a 5 percent increase in sales, resulting in 170,091 cars sold in 2023. This growth was complemented by a 26 percent increase in the sales of Recharge cars during the year.

Leading Models in Sales

The Volvo XC60 was the most popular model in 2023, with sales reaching 228,646 units. Following it were the XC40 and XC90 models, with sales of 200,670 and 107,549 cars, respectively.

These figures not only highlight Volvo’s increasing influence in the global automotive market but also shed light on the shifting consumer preferences towards electric and hybrid vehicles. The company’s strategic approach to electrification, supported by a more stable supply chain, seems to be aligning well with the evolving dynamics of the automotive industry.

Did You Know?

Volvo has one manufacturing plant in the United States. It is located in South Carolina, near Charleston. Opened in late 2017, the plant builds three models — the fully electric EX90, the XC60, and the XC 60 Recharge PHEV.

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