Introducing the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe

The introduction of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe presents a significant addition to Mercedes’ performance series, showcasing a blend of thoughtful design and notable power. This model goes beyond standard automotive offerings; it reflects a step forward in innovation, elegance, and mechanical design. Read on as we delve into the various features that make the AMG GLC Coupe stand out, from its sleek exterior to the efficient engine design under the hood.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe exterior

Exterior Design

The AMG GLC Coupe exhibits a sporty demeanor that is bold in announcing its adventurous spirit. The remarkable exterior details are an ocular banquet, with the body-colored wheel arch trims merging effortlessly into the sturdy facade. The broader tracks and flush-fitting wheels, available in 19-, 20-, or 21-inch sizes, further refine the design. Additionally, the split taillights and AMG-specific rear fascia components enhance the aesthetic allure, illustrating a marriage of opulence and athleticism.

Interior Space and Cabin Amenities

Upon entering the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe, you’re welcomed by a sporty yet sophisticated vibe. The AMG seats, dressed in MB-Tex/microfiber, offer a comfy spot that’s ready for the road ahead, and if you’re after a touch more luxury, there’s the option to upgrade to leather or Nappa leather upholstery.

Your hands will find their way to the AMG Performance steering wheel, a standard feature that adds a nice touch to the cabin’s overall luxurious feel, making every drive enjoyable. It’s not just about looks; the design of the steering wheel ensures a good grip and easy access to control buttons, blending aesthetics with practicality.

The thoughtful design inside the AMG GLC Coupe aims to make every drive an enjoyable experience. From the comforting seats to the functional and stylish steering wheel, the interior is well-balanced, offering a nice blend of sportiness and comfort without being over the top.

In-Cabin Tech

The nucleus of the cabin’s technological arsenal is the MBUX infotainment system, endowed with AMG-centric displays and functionalities to entertain and inform. An optional head-up display is a valuable addition, casting crucial data onto the windshield, mitigating distractions as drivers engage with the tarmac.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe interior

Driver-Assist Technology

Armed with a myriad of driver-assist technologies, the AMG GLC Coupe is a torchbearer of contemporary driving safety. With tools ranging from adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assist, every facet is engineered to foster a safer and more pleasurable driving narrative.

Performance Matters

The AMG GLC Coupe features a hand-built AMG 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric exhaust turbocharger, known as M139l, promising a responsive driving experience across all speeds. The GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe enhances this setup by combining the engine with a synchronous electric motor, a high-capacity battery, and fully variable all-wheel drive, delivering a total system output of 671 horsepower and 752 pound-feet of torque. This model accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, showcasing modern engineering prowess.

In terms of transmission, both models are fortified with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9G transmission, ensuring sharp, swift shift times, optimizing response, and encouraging a profound connection between the driver and the machine.

Trim Levels

The offerings of GLC 43 Coupe and GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe are the primary trim variants, each presenting a unique fusion of performance, luxury, and tech embellishments. The latter, showcasing the performance hybrid, portrays a tangible reflection of Mercedes-AMG’s unyielding quest for automotive magnificence.

Price Point

The official price for this car hasn’t been shared yet, but it’s likely going to be on the higher side, given the brand’s reputation and the top-notch luxury and performance it offers.

Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe Takeaway

The 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe is more than just a car; it’s for those who crave quality and performance. Its release highlights Mercedes-AMG’s commitment to blending strong performance with daily usability and luxury. For discerning drivers, the AMG GLC Coupe represents a step towards uncompromising automotive excellence rather than just another option.

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Photos courtesy of Mercedes-AMG.

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