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The Ford Mustang needs no introduction. After all, it has served as America’s pony car for nearly six decades. Over the years, the Mustang has seen the usual changes, yet its iconic handsome looks have evolved successfully from generation to generation. While its competitors fade or convert to full EVs, the Mustang soldiers on. For 2023, the Mustang marks the final year of the sixth-generation model with a new version arriving for 2024. The following are the highlights.

2023 Ford Mustang
2023 Ford Mustang.

What’s New for 2023

It’s a brief model run for the 2023 Mustang, therefore the GT500 model isn’t offered this year. Other than that, the 2023 carries forward.

Grade Levels and Pricing

Ford offers the 2023 Mustang in EcoBoost Fastback ($27,770), EcoBoost Premium Fastback ($32,795), GT Fastback ($38,345), GT Premium Fastback ($43,365), Mach 1 ($56,570), and Mach 1 Premium ($58,665). Only the first, second, and fourth models offer a convertible option, which is a $5,500 upgrade.

True Pony Car Status

The Mustang elevated the muscle car craze and coined the term “pony car” to describe that type of vehicle. Although the Mustang can get pricey, Ford has always offered an affordable base model to reach the masses. That base model has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that nixes the need for a V6.

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With performance starting at 310 horsepower, there is no slowpoke Mustang to be had. Further, Ford improves the Mustang’s handling further up the trim range, particularly with the GT model. Grippy performance tires, an upgraded suspension, and taut handling make this vehicle a true champion. The combination of a V8 engine and a 6-speed manual transmission is what enthusiasts crave.

Hard and Soft Top Choices

Only the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang offer hardtop coupe and convertible options. After 2024, the Camaro as we know it goes away. The Dodge Challenger does not offer a convertible, therefore the honors will soon belong to Ford alone. We scarcely touched upon the convertible, not including separate details within the specifications following. Nevertheless, choosing a soft top is ideal for sun lovers and also makes sitting in the rear a more tolerable and even enjoyable experience for those passengers.

Good Standard Safety Features

Ford brings the driver-assist safety features to the Mustang including automatic high beams, automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and blind-spot monitoring standard. Available features include adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, and an around-view camera system.

Room for Four, in a Pinch

There is a lot to love about the Ford Mustang, including its roomy front seating compartment. Both drivers will find ample head, shoulder, hip, and legroom with excellent support and room to maneuver. But the rear seat compartment falls short, especially for its 29 cubic inches of legroom. Further, the seats are not especially comfortable, particularly for adults. Instead, they could be okay for preteens or flexible young adults able to put up with an elevated level of discomfort.

Peer Group

The Ford Mustang’s main competitors are the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Shoppers might also compare the Nissan Z and the Toyota GR Supra.

2023 Ford Mustang Specifications

Ford 2023 Mustang
Body Style Coupe
Price Range $27,770 to $58,665
Destination Charge $1,395
Drivetrain Front-engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Engine No. 1 2.3-liter turbo I4
Horsepower 310 @ 5,500 rpm
Torque (lb.-ft.) 350 ft.-lbs. @ 3,000 rpm
Bore x Stroke 3.45 in. x 3.7 in. (87.55 mm x 94 mm)
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Transmission 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic
Engine No. 2 2.3-liter, turbo I4
Horsepower 330 @ 6,000 rpm
Torque (lb.-ft.) 350 ft.-lbs. @ 3,000 rpm
Bore x Stroke 3.45 in. x 3.7 in. (87.55 mm x 94 mm)
Compression Ratio 9.37:1
Transmission 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic
Engine No. 3 5.0-liter, V8
Horsepower 450 @ 7,000 rpm
Torque (lb.-ft.) 410 @ 4,600 rpm
Bore x Stroke 3.63 in. x 3.65 in. (93.0 mm x 92.7 mm)
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Transmission 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic
Engine No. 4 5.0-liter, V8
Horsepower 470 @ 7,250
Torque (lb.-ft.) 410 @ 4,800 rpm
Bore x Stroke 3.63 in. x 3.65 in. (93.0 mm x 92.7 mm)
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Transmission 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic
Seating 4
Curb Weight (pounds) 3,491 to 3,932
Wheelbase (inches) 107.1
Length (inches) 188.5
Width (inches) 75.4
Height (inches) 54.3
Headroom (f,r…inches) 37.6, 34.8
Legroom (f,r…inches) 45.1, 29.0
Shoulder room (f,r…inches) 56.3, 52.2
Hip room (f,r…inches) 54.9, 47.4
Pax Volume (cu. ft.) 82.8
Cargo Storage (cu. ft.) 13.5
Gross vehicle weight (pounds) NR
Towing (pounds) NR
Payload (pounds) NR
Fuel Type Regular
Fuel Tank (gallons) 15.5/16.0
EPA Fuel MPG (city/highway/combined) 14/22/17; 22/32/25
Manufacturing Plant Flat Rock, Michigan

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Specifications and photos supplied by the manufacturer. Statistics assembled by Tom Keegan.

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