VinFast Auto Announces Global Launch of VF 3 at CES 2024

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024), VinFast Auto, a Vietnamese automotive company currently building a manufacturing plant in North Carolina, introduced the VF 3, their new electric vehicle. Designed as a mini-eSUV, the VF 3 is targeted towards urban drivers, offering features that aim to balance practicality and style for city commuting.

VinFast VF 3
VinFast VF 3

Exterior Styling

The VF 3 is designed to stand out in urban environments. It features a combination of robust geometric blocks and sleek lines, offering an aesthetically pleasing look. The vehicle’s design aims to reflect the personality of its owner, with notable characteristics like ample ground clearance and 16-inch wheels that enhance its practicality and ability to handle various terrains.

Interior Design

Inside, the VF 3 adopts a minimalist approach. The focus is on providing ample space and integrating essential smart features to ensure a comfortable and convenient driving experience. The interior design caters to the modern city driver, balancing functionality with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Dimensions and Range

The VF 3 is a mini-eSUV engineered for easy maneuvering in urban settings, with dimensions of approximately 125.6 inches in length, 66.1 inches in width, and 63.8 inches in height. Designed to provide a suitable driving range for daily city commutes, the vehicle targets an estimate of over 125 miles on a full charge.

The driving range of the VinFast VF 3, slightly over 125 miles per charge, positions it at the lower end of the market spectrum, comparable to vehicles like the Mazda MX-30, which offered a 100-mile range. While the MX-30 was primarily a compliance vehicle, the VF 3 seems more aptly designed to appeal to entry-level urban consumers looking for an electric vehicle option.

Seating and Cargo

The VF 3, a four-seater electric vehicle, is designed to balance comfort and ease of movement in urban areas. It includes second-row seats that can be fully folded down, increasing the cargo space to a total volume of 550 liters, equivalent to approximately 19.4 cubic feet. This feature is intended to meet the varying cargo needs typical of urban drivers.

Infotainment System

The VF 3 is equipped with a 10-inch-screen infotainment system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. This system is designed to keep drivers and passengers connected and entertained, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Market Position and Launch

Ms. Tran Mai Hoa, Deputy CEO of Sales and Marketing at VinFast Global, highlighted the VF 3’s appeal to young, urban drivers. She emphasized the vehicle’s blend of practicality and personality, marking it as a new companion for those who value imaginative and sustainable urban mobility.

Global Expansion

Following its initial debut in Vietnam, VinFast is launching the EV globally. This move demonstrates the company’s dedication to research and development (R&D) and marks significant progress in expanding its electric vehicle lineup on a global scale. It also signifies VinFast’s commitment to promoting electrified transportation and making sustainable mobility accessible globally.

Upcoming Reservations and Availability

In 2024, VinFast plans to begin accepting early reservations for the VF 3. Details regarding the timing for reservations, vehicle delivery, pricing, and warranty policies will be announced for each market in the upcoming period, signaling VinFast’s strategic approach to entering the global electric vehicle market.

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