Continental Embeds Facial Recognition Behind Driver Display

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, a groundbreaking innovation was showcased by Continental: the “Face Authentication Display”. This state-of-the-art biometric recognition system is a game-changer in vehicle technology, offering an unparalleled blend of interaction, security, and convenience. It stands as a trailblazing advancement in the automotive industry, setting a new standard for what’s possible in vehicle user experience.

Continental Face Authentication Display

Face Authentication Display: Cutting-Edge Features

Biometric Access Control: This sophisticated system incorporates a dual-stage access mechanism, utilizing specialized camera systems strategically mounted on the vehicle’s B-pillar and discreetly behind the driver display console.

Invisible Integration: Designed to meld seamlessly with the vehicle’s aesthetics, the technology is ingeniously integrated. The cameras, virtually invisible, harmonize perfectly with the vehicle’s design ethos.

Dual Authentication Process: Elevating security to new heights, the system employs a robust authentication process, engaging both external (B-pillar camera) and internal (driver display camera) verifications.

Enhancing Functionality and User Experience

Seamless Vehicle Access: The vehicle awakens and unlocks the moment a registered user is detected, streamlining entry and ignition.

Digital Payment Functionality: Facilitating digital transactions, the interior camera is adept at authenticating the driver for various digital services, including payments.

Driver Vigilance Monitoring: The system is enhanced with integrated sensors that vigilantly monitor driver attention and fatigue levels, bolstering safety.

Design and Integration: Rethinking Interior Aesthetics

The camera, cleverly placed behind the driver display, allows for a sleek, frameless screen surface, revolutionizing the vehicle’s interior architecture.

A high-contrast, luminous OLED display is expertly engineered to enable optical components to identify individuals through the pixels of the activated display.

Exterior Interaction Redefined

An innovative display integrated into the B-pillar provides real-time information, like the charging status of electric vehicles, in a visually engaging format.

This display, designed to be visible only during use, seamlessly vanishes into the B-pillar when idle, maintaining the vehicle’s sleek exterior.

Security Aspects: Elevating Biometric Recognition

Employing trinamiX’s cutting-edge facial recognition technology, the system sets a high bar for security, adept at distinguishing genuine human skin from imitations.

The dual authentication strategy, both inside and outside the vehicle, adds a robust layer of anti-theft security and allows for controlled family access while preventing unauthorized engine activation.

The Future of Vehicle Interaction

Continental’s “Face Authentication Display” is a monumental stride forward in vehicle technology, harmoniously blending user experience, design, and security. This technology, extending from the interior to the vehicle’s exterior, opens up new avenues of interaction, significantly enhancing both safety and convenience for users. In collaboration with trinamiX, Continental is redefining the limits of automotive technology, masterfully balancing aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.

Images and text courtesy of Continental AG.

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