How to Choose the Ideal Window Tint for Your Car

Whether you want a new tint for your car or you are a new car owner, you will most likely be concerned about which car window tint to choose. The choice of the window tint is not only for the car to look cool but it also serves numerous additional functions.

For instance, its main purpose is to reduce heat and glare, which can be uncomfortable when you’re driving. The tint also acts as a sunscreen that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays (or UV rays) from the sun. These rays are known to damage the skin as well as the car’s interior.

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Aside from those, your car’s window tint can give you more privacy and security – away from the prying eyes of the public. It is also great for energy efficiency because of its heat-reducing properties, making the air conditioning work less to keep the interior cool.

Car window tints are not only great for aesthetics but they also serve an important function for you and your car against numerous hazards. That said, here are some tips on how to choose the ideal window tint for your beloved car.

The Goldilocks Principle

Goldilocks tried out three different bowls of porridge – one was too hot, one was too cold, before she settled on the one that was the right temperature. This should apply to your choice of window tints for your car as well. So, look for something that will not hinder your vision but offers enough protection against UV rays.

Window tint comes in percentages according to visible light transmission or VLT. A 35-percent window tint means only 35 percent of the light can pass through to your car. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint becomes.

A 35-percent tint is the popular choice for most drivers as it offers the perfect combination of visibility, privacy, and UV protection. But you don’t have to go with what is popular. Indeed, 50 percent is another recommended car windshield tint if you prefer something lighter than the people’s choice. Do note that anything above 50 percent tint leads to lower UV protection. Going darker than this level may not be worth the risk.

Lastly, go for a tint that enhances the appearance of your car. Visibility, protection, and privacy are great factors to consider but don’t just go for the functionality of the window tint. Look for the right amount of tint that enhances not only the contrast of your car’s appearance but also considers how the interior of the car looks and feels.

Car Window Tints Options

What is great about car window tints is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. These multiple options allow for numerous combinations that complement your car.

You also get plenty of options when it comes to the intensity of how much visible light the tints can block. If you are looking for a clean look and would not want to change much of your car window’s appearance, go for a clear shade. Despite not changing your car’s look that much, this shade can still protect you from UV rays more than before it was modified.

A light tint is great for reducing eye strain and glare. It is also not dark enough to block wireless signals for electronic devices. Medium tint pumps up ultraviolet rays protection and keeps the interior of your car cool. Dark tint also referred to as limo tint, cranks up thermal insulation and privacy to eleven.

Car Window Tints Laws in your Area

While cars are considered private property, for the most part, there are some aspects that are under government intervention. For one, cars require registration with the government on an annual basis. This is required before your vehicle can be used on the road. Then there are regulations that affect the car’s features like carbon emission, fuel efficiency, and window tints.

Going for excessively dark tinted windows can be beneficial for your privacy. But that would be troublesome for traffic enforcement officers and traffic cameras. They won’t be able to monitor driving standards such as seatbelt use or gadget use while driving.

While the dark tint for your car windows might look aesthetic, it would also make you appear suspicious – as if you are hiding something. So, err on the side of caution by knowing and sticking to the proper level of car tint shades. That way, you won’t give the officials the chance to flag you down for a penalty.

Ask the Professionals

After considering the window tint you want but are still undecided and feeling stuck, who better to ask about car window tints than the professionals? They know the distinct benefits every shade can offer and they can help you decide which one to go for. That way, the decision process becomes easier and faster. Plus, you now have a more confident and informed decision than before.

You can trust the professionals when it comes to window tinting installation or windshield repair. In that case, you can also trust them to help you arrive at a decision that best suits your driving needs.

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