Cadillac Celestiq: Extraordinary Sophistication

Cadillac is going electric and the planned models will roll out gradually, but steadily. The first of the lot is the Cadillac Lyriq, a midsize SUV introduced in Summer 2022. Next up is the Cadillac Celestiq, a four-passenger sedan that is unlike anything else GM’s luxury brand has offered previously. We are not just talking about technology and engineering, but also this model’s $300,000 price tag, which is double the cost of the most expensive Cadillac model yet. Indeed, the Celestiq may help Cadillac reclaim its lost “standard of the world” moniker.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car front panel

Cadillac Celestiq Concept Vehicle

Yes, Cadillac plans to go upstream with the Celestiq. Judging by the recently distributed images of the vehicle, much effort is being put into achieving that. We will not know the full details about this concept vehicle until July 22. Meanwhile, the photos do indicate a few significant attributes of this model.

Over the past few months, Cadillac has been dripping information about its range-topping model. The latest images, though, are this model in “show car” form, featuring superb detailing, a fastback visage, and a decadent interior. The fastback look reminds us of the Porsche Panamera and to a lesser extent the Audi Q7 Sportback. But its price point rivals the super luxury cars of our day, namely Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Even Mercedes-Maybach is not this pricey.

Splendiferous Cabin

If you can imagine yourself slipping behind the wheel of the Celestiq, you will be treated to a sensory delight. Four bucket seats are present and the design suggests that they are of equal comfort. Further, the two rear seats come with individual entertainment screens along with personal seat adjustment and a control knob. We can imagine a refrigerated unit between the two as well as fully reclining seats with heating, cooling, and massage.

Brushed metals, only the finest leathers, and real wood elements seem destined for the Celestiq. We have heard rumors of other materials coming in but cannot confirm.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car front panel
Cadillac Celestiq Show Car front panel

Carbon fiber seems likely with perhaps even real gold accents offered. Cadillac will hand-build every Celestiq, a process that limits production capabilities accordingly while allowing for much attention to detail.

We only see a glimpse of the dashboard from our vantage point, but we do know that the Celestiq will gain a full-panel digital screen that will span the entire width of the vehicle. Other features include a panoramic glass roof, four-wheel steering, and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain.

Ultium Architecture

The Celestiq will ride on GM’s Ultium platform, which is the same all-electric framework underpinning every new electric model. Besides the Celestiq, that lineup comprises the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq and will include the Chevrolet Silverado EV and about two dozen other models rolling out over the next few years.

Once again, the Cadillac Celestiq debuting this month is a concept vehicle. Most concepts do not make it to production, but GM promises to build them. Just as Cadillac teased the Lyriq for well over a year before it became a production reality, they are doing likewise with the Celestiq. Still, we do not expect this model to arrive before the 2025 model year or about two years from the date of this news.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car rear panel

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Photos courtesy of Cadillac (General Motors Company).

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