5 Benefits of Using a Lip Kit in Your Car


If you’re the type of person who is constantly upgrading your car with aftermarket parts, you have probably heard of lip kits. These awesome accessories are perfect for anyone who wants a sleeker and more affordable option instead of a traditional front lip spoiler or chin spoiler. Automotive enthusiasts all over the globe are using lip kits for aesthetic, safety, and performance reasons. Here are 5 benefits you can enjoy when you install a lip kit.

1. Give Your Ride a Custom Look

Let’s be honest, everyone loves the look of a custom car. If you spend your hard-earned money and time modifying your vehicle’s performance, you want it to have the looks to match its insides. High-end front lip spoilers are extremely expensive, and you mainly pay for the hype. Using a lip kit is the best way to get that ultra-sleek aftermarket look without paying a fortune.

2. Improve Aerodynamics

While a lip kit may not give you drastic performance gains, it will definitely make a difference, and every detail counts. As you would expect from other types of lips, a lip kit increases downforce. Additionally, you can enjoy the improved fuel economy that you get from a more aerodynamic vehicle. That means that you are saving money on gas, essentially allowing your kit to pay for itself!

3. Protect Your Vehicle

The roads are full of debris, and you are bound to hit it at some point. Without proper protection, you’re going to see some serious wear and tear on your bumper. Lip kits effectively protect your vehicle from scrapes, curbs, ice, sand, and all of the other common obstacles that could cause serious damage to your car. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your prized vehicle is protected from the rigors of the road.

4. Lip Kit: Universal Fit

If you’re familiar with aftermarket upgrades, you know that they don’t always work out as planned. Sometimes you’ll buy a part, only to find that you have to send it back – if you’re lucky. Lip kits fit essentially every car in the world, ensuring that you never have to deal with returns and hunting down new alternatives. When installed correctly, lip kits are flexible and will form to virtually any type of bumper.

5. Simple Installation

Typical front lip spoilers are often difficult to install, and you may even require professional assistance. A lip kit can be installed in 15-30 minutes, right from the comfort of your driveway. If you’re new to aftermarket modifications, a lip kit is a fantastic way to get started. All you need is a screwdriver and a pair of standard household scissors and you’re good to go. Few other car products are so ideal for novices and experts alike.

Get Started Today

When you consider the benefits compared to the cost, a lip kit is really a no-brainer. In half an hour you can drastically improve your vehicle, and driving it immediately. If you want the aesthetics, safety, improved gas mileage, and enhanced performance that are common with front lip spoilers, but you don’t want the hassle and cost, buy a lip kit.

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Author: Alex Meglio
Alex Meglio is an automotive enthusiast who writes for a variety of car and modification companies including allfitautomotive.com. He currently lives in Nashua, NH with his wife and daughter. When he is not cruising around the backroads of NH in his modified Nissan 240sx, he enjoys writing and music production.

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