Awesome Reasons Why A Mercedes Is The Best Option For First Time Drivers


Finding a car for a first-time driver is not easy because there are so many variables to consider. Plus, the insurance companies don’t want to take the risk, so the cost of the car is generally sky high. For the most part, newly passed drivers pick an old banger that will get them from A to B and stick with it until their last breath. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case as there is another option: you can buy a Mercedes instead. It might sound silly, but Mercedes are great cars for first-time drivers.

Cheap And Affordable

Mercedes are luxury cars, so the cost of a Merc is pretty high if you buy it new. But, if you buy it used or second-hand, the cost depreciates by a large margin. Instead of paying $15,000 to $25,000 for a Mercedes Benz, you can pick one up for under $5,000. If you don’t believe that just head online to search Mercedes, and check the results. Okay, $5,000 may be more than other cars on the market, but are they as reliable?

They Are Safe

The AMG Mercedes Benz brand is one of the safest on the market. To be honest, you cannot make a car like a Mercedes and not take safety into the equation. As a result, their cars from the S-Class to the M-Class are up there with some of the safest makes and models in the world. When you are driving for the first time on your own, it is important to take extra security measures to keep yourself safe. When you buy a safe car, you cover every safety base possible.

Easy To Drive

You might think that a bad car is good because it hones your skills. After all, you are going to be better in a good car when you have experience of driving a bad one, right? Wrong. The idea is complete garbage, especially when you are a new driver. If you have just passed in a quality car, the last thing you want is a tank that is impossible to drive. All it will do is regress your skills and affect your driving confidence. What you want is a vehicle that is smooth and easy to handle so that you can concentrate on learning how to drive. And, Mercedes are smooth rides and easy to handle.

They Look The Part

When your parents tell you that you don’t need a nice car, tell them that is nonsense! Everyone who owns a car wants a good-looking model, and you are no different. With a Mercedes, you will always look the part regardless of what type you choose. As a result, your street credit won’t diminish, but you also won’t look like a flashy young brat.


Because you budget is not going to be high, you want a reliable motor. That way, the car won’t cost you a fortune in repairs. Mercedes are reliable because they are a luxury brand, so they have to create good cars. Plus, they are German made, and that is always good with regards to reliability.

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