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auto transport truck loaded with carsAs an independent trucker, who delivers cars and trucks, I often find myself moving my car to some remote places. I have put my car on a flatbed trailer many times, and even on a 53-foot van trailer a couple of times, just so I could have it when I drop off the truck and trailer. But most of the time I just wish I had it while I hassle with trying to get home. In some cases, it is cheaper to transport my car to my destination and drive it back, as opposed to taking a taxi or bus to an airport or train station, then paying the fare home, then taking another taxi to my house. But now, I have found the cheapest car shipping company, and I thought I would share that with you.

It all started when I watched A&E’s Shipping Wars TV Show. These guys transport anything and everything. As a trucker, it’s fun to watch them struggle with some weird freight. But when I saw how they auction freight to the lowest bidder, that was a big revelation to me. I quickly realized the genius it took to come up with that idea. It’s like eBay, for freight, any freight, including auto transport.

Some of you may not be old enough to remember this, but I am, so let me tell you- eBay single-handedly ruined the antique marketplace for sellers. Of course, the opposite is true too- it turned out great for buyers. Back in the day, you couldn’t find an antique. And if you did, it cost an arm and a leg. These days, there are 27 of them on eBay, starting at $10 each. It’s all about suppl-and-demand. When you couldn’t find one, it was expensive. Now that there are a bunch of them on eBay, the supply is high, so the demand is down.

It’s all about supply and demand in the car shipping business too:

Ever since I found out about uShip, they are the only company I use for my auto transport needs. What they do has never been done before, and it changed the car shipping business as much as eBay changed the antique business. Like eBay. they auction freight off to the lowest bidder. Now, instead of calling fifteen places for a quote, you just post your freight on their board and watch the bids roll in. You can set your own price or use their shipping calculator to get an idea. But I recommend posting your load (in this case, your car or truck).

All you have to do is register on their website (it’s free) and post your request for car shipping (or whatever kind of freight you have- they can move anything, believe me.) And this is coming from an old trucker from way back. I would never steer you wrong. This is the only company I recommend for this kind of service.

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Ken Skaggs
Author: Ken Skaggs
Ken Skaggs is a 30-year veteran trucker and safety professional, who has always been a writer, and an entrepreneur at heart. Since 2000, he’s had 150+ articles published by Ten-Four Magazine, Careers in Gear, Driver Story Magazine, and dozens of websites. Ken is also the owner of Big City Driver, a website that covers truck safety.

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